adidas high heels Jessica Lynch copes with wounds

adidas terrex fast r mid gtx Jessica Lynch copes with wounds

She’s usually part of the story, the embodiment of Lynch’s determination to prove wrong military doctors who initially told her that her internal injuries were so severe she probably would not be able to have children.

Dakota is shy and polite. Lynch usually takes her daughter around the country when she gives speeches so the girl can experience life outside her small town.

Lynch wears a gray Army T shirt. Her flaxen hair hangs in long, loose curls, and her makeup is carefully applied.

She’s in white shorts and wearing a Fitbit. “I try for 5,000 steps a day,” she said, looking down at her pink tennis shoes.

Lynch doesn’t have many shoe options. When the Iraqis ambushed the supply convoy carrying her and other soldiers in March 2003, her legs and feet were crushed. She has had 22 surgeries, most of them on her lower extremities. A brace runs down her left calf, immobilizing her ankle and forcing her to walk on the side of her foot. That puts enormous pressure on her joints. Her next surgery probably will be a knee replacement.

She has only dull feeling in the leg with the brace. Looking down to adjust a pad in her shoe, she notices a deep blister above her heel. She can’t feel it, but she doesn’t want it to get worse.
adidas high heels Jessica Lynch copes with wounds

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