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AKA Fat witch with a gun

Here you will find the musings and ramblings of a fat activist, gun owning, liberal, red necked libertarian North Idaho witch. Enjoy “”Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, a drink in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ‘WOO HOO. What a ride!'””

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“I not sure when it happened, but I looked at my hands one day and realized they weren my own anymore, they were my grandmother When I was younger my hands were smooth and unscarred. They would always be my hands, me, and no one else Then I started noticing other things, the fine lines on my lips, the little wrinkles around my eyes. When did that happen? When you are young, everyone is old and you never imagine you will also be old someday. So waking up to my grandmother hands was a bit of a shock. I never noticed I was getting old. Doesn help when your brain keeps insisting you are still in your 20s!

Got a phone call this morning from a 4th cousin on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. He’s doing genealogy and had some questions regarding where my grandfather was buried and he sent me all the stuff he’s collected so far. I’ve semi sort of looked into genealogy on my dad’s side of the family and have some info that my dad had gathered. Looks like I’ve got a new project to work on.

He also sent along some family lore from the Revolutionary War and scans of photos of various people. Will be cool to go thru and set up the family tree and see who is who. Need to get to work on the other side of the family too. Picked up an open source genealogy program that runs on Linux, so I can work on that when I have the time.

Had a very nice Samhain this last weekend and Halloween was a very quiet evening. No trick or treaters in our area, so we just did chicken from Winco for dinner and watched stuff on the DVR.

We are ditching the satellite as of the 3rd (or the 6th I can’t remember), so we are trying to get thru as much of the stuff we’ve recorded as we can. Hubby pick up a media machine, runs MythTV on Linux. We’ll be hooking the big antenna back up and run it thru the machine to get the local and Spokane stations. We decided as much as we love our NASCAR, it wasn’t worth paying over $1000 a year for it and the few channels we watch. We’ve been watching more and more Netflix and the few network shows I like we can watch via the media computer which will be hooked into the big TV in the living room instead of the computer we currently have hooked up (hubby’s computer).

Need to work on getting ready for Winter Market on the 9th. Jewelry is all ready to go, just need to work on the display stands and mirrors. Figure out a tablecloth for an 8 foot table. I will be in the main room at the Market so I am expecting lots of traffic. I will also be there Dec 14th. I’ve got a number of photos in 8X10 inch format, matted. Went with flowers, landscapes and birds, so hopefully people will like them and buy them. Just a couple copies each and I hope I have enough mats,
cheap adidas JeanC's Cat House and Shooting Society
as I need to do that this weekend. Having the ability to run credit cards using Square on my smart phone is so nice. Amazing how many more sales you get when you tell people you take plastic.

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Didn’t do too much this weekend, way too hot. Did get down to Lewiston/Clarkston for shopping on Friday. Planned on going down early and getting it all done before it got too hot. Didn’t quite go as planned. Got the shopping done, but didn’t get home until after 5 pm and it got to 101F down there.

But, we did get new shower fixtures at Costco, so hubby go that installed on Saturday as our old shower head was on its last legs.

Went to Banyans at the Ridge for brunch on Sunday, was very nice.

Mostly puttered this weekend, as mentioned, too hot. Waited until well after dark to do laundry and any baking (tho I discovered this morning I’d forgotten to turn the oven off last night).

I’m expanding where I sell some of my photos. Opened up on RedBubble and ImageKind. This way I can get my photos out before audiences who might not come thru Zazzle. Will be adding more images to both sites over the next few weeks.

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Off for the 4th of course and I take my Fridays off in the summer so with luck the weather folk are right and temps will fall back towards normal (highs in the 80s instead of 90s) and I can actually get things done. It has been too hot this week and when not at work, in the bedroom with air conditioning and LOTS of movies on DVD to watch.

So what have I been up to, not a whole heck of a lot with the hot temps. But I have gotten my garden a bit closer to planting something, picked up 3 big bags of garden soil this last weekend and got them dumped into my tire planters (got the 3rd one set up, still need to paint it) and into the raised bed with my walking onions so I can plant something else, just not sure what. Maybe some bush beans.

Took Rum Tum to the groomers on Monday for a shave (lion cut). We told them he would be difficult, they didn’t believe us and we ended up with a kitty with no lion cut as he got way too stressed out for them to do it (as I said, we told them, they didn’t believe us and we’d even gotten him some herbal kitty calmer from the pet store. Apparently we didn’t give him enough). We will have to take him to a vet to get knocked out while they shave him.

Dealing with a very sore little finger on my left hand. Rum Tum REALLY didn’t like getting hauled over and was making poor pathetic kitty noises, so I reached my fingers into the carrier to give him scritches. Which was fine until he whipped ’round and bit me. Finger finally stopped bleeding by the time we got to Pullman. The swelling is finally going down today.

So I got off work early, hubby brought the biggest kitty harness we have and a leash and we picked up the poor baby and brought him home.

We would have used the harness to take him over, but the plan was hubby picking him up by himself and the last thing he needed was a pissed off kitty loose in the car, so hence the (slightly too small for a Maine Coon) kitty carrier.

As soon as we got home I took him to the bedroom where hubby had made sure the AC was on, got Rummers some food and water and we kept him in there with us the rest of the evening. He finally mellowed out (enough I was able to cut some of the smaller mats off him) and he was being back to a lovey kitty by morning.

Had to order a part for my gas grill, the burner. No one had the right replacement part (the ones they had were all way too small, the one I needed was 22 inches long and a dual burner). So Amazon to the rescue and it arrived yesterday. But by the time it cooled off enough to install it it was too dark out. So hubby will take a poke at it while it is relatively cool this morning.

Still waiting for the glass beads I ordered on the 26th, supposed to arrive on the 6th, hoping they will be here early. The charms I ordered arrived last Thursday, they weren’t supposed to be here until yesterday:

They are sterling silver and I have several ideas on how to use them in my jewelry and sun catchers.

Hit Goodwill on Sunday and picked up a Hamilton Beach food processor. My old one died and while I love my little Oster, it is a bit too small for a lot of what I need one for. Also picked up a coffee maker for hubby,
cheap adidas JeanC's Cat House and Shooting Society
he is still going caffeine free and this way I can still make a big pot of regular for me and he can have decaf in not so big a pot (he’s not drinking as much coffee as is). Also stopped at Howard Hughes and finally got another oven rack for my stove. I’m going to bake oatmeal cookies tonight once it cools off a bit for the BBQ tomorrow next door (they are a great substitute for graham crackers in s’mores). Having 2 racks will make things go faster.

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