adidas flux sale History of my TR7

adidas predator green History of my TR7

For well over two decades now I have carefully maintained and cared for the car. The novelty has never worn off. With an ideal Garage and disciplined approach to driving, the fun factor in owning such a car sometimes goes against the ‘A to B as quickly as possible’ means of transport scenario that is common place in society today.

My TR7 is a Solihull built 1982 champagne beige Drophead coupe (DHC), and one of the very last ever built (commission no. 408242). In October 1988 I purchased the car privately with 37,000 recorded miles from a guy in Wood Green, London, who shed a tear even after pocketing my 3000!

The car was originally owned by BL Cars Ltd., MCP/ECP Dept., Longbridge, Birmingham and was a management car plan company lease car for an Austin Rover manager. Delivered on 13/9/82, it covered 7696 miles before being auctioned off by BL (Maybe the Manager was sacked or made redundant?). .

A garage acquired the car (Les Archer (Hants) Ltd.) of Farnborough, Hampshire and it was then sold on 4/5/84 to a Mr. Bishop of Burnham, Slough, (The car’s first private owner), who actually purchased the car for his wife. .

Mr. Bishop recalls at the time of making the purchase the garage had recently obtained two TR7s direct from the factory, (purchased at auction) which were ‘motor cars the factory had retained for their own use.’.

Mike Cutmore has retained all MOT Certificates, parts invoices, service invoices.

The Maintenance history below refers to work carried out over above the normally required regular service items (oil changes, filter renewals, spark plug renewals, steering rack lubrication, Gearbox differential oil level checks etc.), which are periodically undertaken as necessary. (Mileage Records retained by Mike Cutmore).
adidas flux sale History of my TR7

adidas factory stockport History and ideology collide in Cuba

adidas gazelle indoor blue History and ideology collide in Cuba

The welcome extended to Pope Francis in Cuba may have presented an acceptable entrance of the pontiff to the communist state, but in truth it was filled with historical discordance.

There was President Raul Castro, long the highly respected “jefe” of the Cuban armed forces, wearing a dark, American style suit. There was a very small and apparently military band, which, in an island where the wind blows music through every soul and tree, blared out embarrassing shrills.

And, most stunning of all, when the pope unexpectedly met with Fidel the next day, the “caudillo glorioso de la Revolucion,” the strongman who dreamed of changing the world, was wearing a blue Adidas jogging suit.

On such plebeian visions do dreams of glory end.

The start off, for sure, was odd. The Havana airport was all but empty, with only government men and women there. In a world where even second and third tier Asian cities have stunning skyscrapers, Havana is unrelievedly low and empty. It isn’t as though Cuba were stopped in history; it is more that it just slowly ran out of gas about 30 years ago, along with the old American cars everywhere on the streets.

So when Presidente Raul said, as he did when he met the pope in the Vatican some months ago, that he might become a Catholic again, and “I’m serious,” one searched in vain for what he would be forced to give up in exchange. wires were those criticizing ideology.

During his first Mass in Cuba, in the very Revolutionary Square from which Fidel has shouted millions of mostly angry words at the world, the pope called for a spirit of reconciliation and human service that “is never ideological.”

“What is the most important thing?” he asked. “The call to serve,” he then answered, in his homily. But “service is never ideological,” he went on, “for we do not serve ideas; we serve people.”

adidas factory stockport History and ideology collide in Cuba
on the final day of his visit, he again posited the question: “Do you believe it is possible that a tax collector can be a servant? Do you believe it is possible that a traitor can become a friend?

“If you are different than me, why don’t we talk? Why do we always throw rocks at that which separates us?”

With a little historical background, one could enter into fascinating play over the ideologies that were crossing and recrossing themselves during those three days in Cuba.

Both Castro boys were raised Roman Catholic by a rough northern Spanish Gallego father who made a fortune in farming. Both boys went to the Jesuit Colegio de Belen in eastern Cuba, but Fidel, especially, was an indifferent student.

In the 1980s, long after “los Castro” took power in 1959, I talked to Fidel’s priest, Father Armando Llorente, in Miami and asked him if, during Fidel’s years at the school, he ever saw the boy praying. He smiled a canny Jesuit smile and said, “I would see him alone, praying in the chapel. I knew what he was praying for he was praying to win.”

Although both Castros destroyed the institution of the Catholic Church in Cuba after taking power, the two boys were always different. Raul was small in stature, and organized and logical in nature. He excelled as head of the Cuban military, the only institution in communist Cuba that worked. In the early days, just before and after the revolution in 1959, Raul was a dourly devoted member of the Communist Party of Cuba, spending hours studying Lenin Co. and was deeply convinced. He is a realist.

Fidel, on the other hand, lived and operated on the transcendental level. He hated organizations and rules he made his own rules. He got into his people’s very souls and was to become the 20th century’s most stunning example of the charismatic leader, who dealt not with tax collecting, but with demagogic control over his people.

As to Pope Francis, he emerged out of that same period. But as an Argentine boy from a happy Italian family who moved to Buenos Aires, he grew up and became a Jesuit priest during the time that virulently anti communist military governments were ravaging the nation. In particular, the military was against the “liberation theology” of the Catholic Church, in which angry young priests developed a series of ideas that melded the church with Marxism.

This led to tens of thousands of “disappeared” brutally murdered by the military, something the pontiff never forgot.

These two countries of Latin America Cuba and Argentina have given us two very different visions of the development of the body and the soul. They crossed dramatically this week,
adidas factory stockport History and ideology collide in Cuba
but that is still only the beginning.

adidas old school Historic inns on the outs in Kingston

adidas samba golf Historic inns on the outs in Kingston

At least four bed and breakfasts are currently for sale in Kingston, pointing to challenges for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry and difficulties posed by stringent government regulations.

Nigel and Tessa Dearsley, owners of the Green Woods Inn on Hwy. 15, recently decided to sell their four room inn after operating the business for years.

The couple bought the historic home also known as the Baxter House after the family that built it in 1850 (later modified in 1910) after leaving Richmond Hill in 2002.

Before moving to Kingston, Nigel Dearsley owned an engineering firm and was a business consultant.

one of those things that people have thought about once in their lives, Dearsley said. a new venture and entrepreneurship was my speciality. since the zoning was approved by the city in 2010, Dearsley said owning a small bed and breakfast has meant costly renovations to keep up with ongoing regulatory change.

Legislation introduced by the province also forced the couple to put additional infrastructure in place to comply with fire regulations, such as fire separation between each room.

is horrendously expensive to do, Dearsley said. very very difficult to keep up with it. Kingston seems to be very firm in its interpretation of the regulations. with a recent personal injury, expensive property taxes and the fact they are nearing retirement age, Dearsley said operating the inn doesn make sense for the couple bottom line.

seems to be a lack of consistency with the whole thing, Dearsley said, pointing to industry regulations. made life so difficult to keep up with our dream. Doughty, owner of the Rosemount Inn and Spa on Sydenham Street, plans to retire after 22 years as an innkeeper and sell her home.

Although she did not have issues maintaining regulatory standards,
adidas old school Historic inns on the outs in Kingston
Doughty said she doesn see a future for historic inns in Kingston.

wouldn be at all surprised if all historic inns in Kingston couldn keep up, she said. a shame because Kingston is such a wonderful spot for them. pointed to changes in the hospitality industry that make it harder to compete with larger hotel and motel chains.

of the most difficult things is that people are being primed and coached to expect last minute deals or discounts, she said. are still expecting that they can come to our door and get (a room) for $99. That makes it very difficult. is especially true during the winter, where Doughty said other accommodation chains can offer customers less expensive rooms.

But for an historic home, she said rising utility costs and other factors prevent that from being the case.

think (historic inns will) disappear, she said. think everybody has done a wonderful job in Kingston, but waiting for the next generation to want to buy them is unrealistic. there were difficulties, Doughty said she was rewarded by loyal guests.

a lovely business to be in, she said. hard to leave it. But I done my time. Hochelaga Inn, an 1859 Victorian style home on Sydenham Street, as well as the the Whitney Manor on Glen Lawrence Crescent, built by Navy captain James McKenzie in 1817, are also for sale.

While the owner of the Hochelaga Inn cited retirement, the owners of the Whitney Manor cited a young family and a change in lifestyle as the reason for selling their business.

Don Matthews, owner of the Sleepy Hollow Inn in Gananoque and the regional representative for the Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation,
adidas old school Historic inns on the outs in Kingston
said the typical bed and breakfast lasts an average of four to five years.

adidas original superstar 2 Historic downtown Elmira building has new life

porsche adidas Historic downtown Elmira building has new life

Ahistoric building that sat vacant for years in the heart of downtown Elmira is once again generating activity.

The City of Elmira earlier this year sold the former Federal Building at 200 E. Church St. to No Limit Partners, a local firm that manages several rental properties in the area.

Since that time, partners Nicholas Difasi and Ryan Wieder have undertaken extensive renovations in the building and have already attracted several tenants, with more on the way.

Two businesses owned by Difasi and Wieder Mattresses By Appointment and Elmira Wholesale Furniture occupy part of the space.

Other tenants include Triple Talent Academy, J B’s Bulldog BBQ Cafe, and attorney Mark Smith.

Elmira council to vote on Federal Building sale

It all started because Difasi and Wieder were looking for a place to expand their own businesses.

“The city turned us on to a few different buildings they owned, and this was one. We always admired it,” Difasi said. “When we wanted to expand and also open Elmira Wholesale Furniture, the city showed us this. We worked on (the sale) for about a year. In that time, we identified other local businesses who needed space.”

The Federal Building was erected in 1902 and was originally a post office and courthouse. Numerous businesses and entities came and went over the years but it sat vacant for years after the city took over ownership.

Buy PhotoNicholas Difasi, one of the new owners of the former Federal Building in Elmira, shows off space that will be converted into a tap room. (Photo: Jeff Murray / Staff photo)

In 2010, the city received a $1.3 million Restore NY grant for rehabilitation of the structure, including roof replacement, asbestos abatement, repointing of stonework, a new fire alarm system and accessibility upgrades, with the intention of selling the property to a private developer.

Despite that investment, the structure still suffered from years of neglect, Difasi and Wieder said,and it took months to get it ready for occupancy a process that is still ongoing.

“One entire side of the building was all police evidence. They had to move everything out,” Difasi said. “We painted everything, put in new carpets, all new walls,
adidas original superstar 2 Historic downtown Elmira building has new life
metal doors. The water hadn’t been on for years. When we turned it back on, there were pipes blowing up everywhere.”

The owners also changed all the lighting to LED bulbs, Wieder added.

Once parts of the building were ready to be occupied, it didn’t take long to fill them up.

Triple Talent Academy, a performing arts academy that opened in the fall of 2014, saw the Federal Building as a perfect location for a permanent home.

Corning nursing home collecting items for storm victims

“I was born and raised here. Downtown was a big part of my world growing up,” said academy co founder John Novick. “Now that it’s being rejuvenated, it’s really big for me.”

For Smith, a lawyer who spends a lot of time in the courtroom, the building also provided a convenient location.

“It’s close to all the courts, and the office space is really nice,” Smith said. “These guys are doing a great job bringing this building back to life.”

A space in the Federal Building gave Jeremy Gulich, owner of J B’s Bulldog Cafe, a chance to settle down in a permanent spot.

Until now, Gulich operated out of a mobile unit. That was beforeDifasi and Wieder, who went to high school with Gulich, made him an offer.

Buy PhotoJeremy Gulich owns J B Bulldog BBQ Cafe, one of the new tenants in the former Elmira Federal Building. (Photo: Jeff Murray / Staff photo)

“I thought this building was amazing. They sold the idea to me,” Gulich said. “It’s been busy. I get a lot of foot traffic. Once the building is complete, I think it will really take off at that point.”

While much of the old building which is on the National Register of Historic Places sports the opulence and ornate decor of a bygone era, other parts are in various stages of reconstruction as the renaissance continues.

Future plans include a new taproom on the first floor and possibly a craft brewery in the basement, along with a banquet facility on the second floor. The third floor will all be converted into upscale apartments, Defasi said.

The pair is also on the lookout for other possible commercial tenants, either temporary or permanent.

Defasi and Wieder have invested a lot of time and money in the project already,
adidas original superstar 2 Historic downtown Elmira building has new life
but they said the commitment is a testament to their belief that downtown Elmira is making a comeback.

green adidas his stock is rising

purple adidas trainers his stock is rising

Liddell was strictly a back to the basket player at the beginning of his freshman season at Belleville West. Fairly effective, but only the tip of the iceberg of what he’s proven to be capable of since.

But coaches that saw Liddell play this past spring and summer might have gotten a similar impression to what he showed in his earliest high school days.

Playing up an age group for Bradley Beal Elite on the Nike EYBL circuit, Liddell filled a role. Five star guard Darius Garland was the focal point of the team. Liddell and fellow Class of 2019 forward Francis Okoro split time as secondary scoring options in the post, while primarily serving as rebounders and rim protectors.

Liddell’s national profile has taken a serious turn upward this winter. His expanded skill set has been on full display leading West to a 15 1 record, and high major coaches and recruiting services alike are taking note. Liddell has added scholarship offers from Northwestern, Florida and Ohio State in the last month, and the 6 foot 7, four star forward jumped 52 spots to No. 42 in the Class of 2019 in the Rivals rankings.

“It’s good to know that all these schools think they see potential in me,” said Liddell, who holds more than a dozen Division I offers. “I feel like I can play anywhere in the country basically. I feel like I’ve opened up a lot of eyes. I’ve always had that (skill set), but I never really had the confidence to do it. When I played with Bradley Beal in the summer it was a lot of back to the basket and not shooting a lot of threes. Now I’m doing everything.”

The leap Liddell made in the Rivals150 was always a when, not if, proposition in Joe Henricksen’s opinion.

“I know everybody has Okoro No. 1, and you could argue that,” Henricksen said. “It’s not clear cut by any means. Liddell is a no brainer. His combination of productivity with the motor he plays with sticks out to you.”

Liddell is averaging 21.3 points, 7.6 rebounds, 5.1 blocks and 2.4 assists for West through 16 games.

Notable beyond his per game averages are his shooting percentages. He’s connecting at better than 60 percent from the field, 40 percent from three point range and almost 78 percent at the free throw line.

“That’s the the thing that’s so impressive about him,” West coach Joe Muniz said. “You can leave him wide open at the top, and he’s going to make that shot. You can get up close and guard him with a big man, and he’s going around people. He’s really hard to guard because he can score at all levels on the floor.”

The 6 foot 7, 220 pound Liddell putting his evolving all around game on display this winter has driven the rise in his national profile. While 247Sports hasn’t updated its 2019 rankings like Rivals did earlier this week,
green adidas his stock is rising
a similar move isn’t out of the picture when they do.

“He’s always been a tough kid that can score inside, but he was undersized,” said 247Sports recruiting analyst Brian Snow. “Now he’s making threes, he looks good doing it (and) he’s gotten more explosive. There’s just a lot to like about his growth trajectory right now.

“There’s going to be an exception to every rule, but at the end of the day a 6 foot 6ish power forward without much range is going to struggle at the college game. The fact he expanded his game and got more diverse with what he can do, was it 100 percent necessary? Probably not, but it certainly helps the process.”

Liddell’s inside game has also improved. He credits a boost in upper body strength for being able to finish at the rim and leg strength that’s allowed him to jump higher and rebound more. The boost in confidence in his game has meant more, though.

“I’ve always known I could make threes, but I never really had the confidence to shoot them,” Liddell said, adding working with St. Louis area coach Corey Frazier has helped. “When I’m open now, I feel like I’m going to knock it down.”

Liddell’s expanded skill set is pushing him over the top as a high major recruit. How he can dominate on the block even with his strength and athleticism edge against high school opponents is something both Henricksen and Snow said can translate to the next level.

“Rebounding translates,” Henricksen said. “He’s just a kid who rebounds well in terms of reaching the ball at its highest point. He’s got pretty good lift. He’s not a freak athlete, but he’s more than a good enough athlete.

“He alters shots on the defensive end and blocks shots that kind of defy even his own size. Those things are both going to translate. He has those instincts. This is why I love him. So much of it translates because of his motor.”

Even at just 6 7, Liddell has a college ready body and an aggressiveness in his game that can even out any edge he gives up to the bigger opponents he’ll eventually face in college.

“The toughest dude tends to win the battle,” Snow said, “and he’s one of the toughest dudes out there.”

Liddell isn’t naming any favorites on the recruiting front at this stage, but he did get an opportunity to see two of his more dogged pursuers play against each other last month at the Braggin’ Rights game in St. Louis.

A guest of Missouri the Tigers were the home team Liddell had a front row seat to Illinois’ 70 64 victory on Dec. 23.

“The atmosphere was crazy a lot of people yelling,” Liddell said. “A lot of people coming up and talking to me about how I should go to Mizzou or Illinois. It was a crazy environment. It was kind of funny. I never expected attention like that.”

Illinois and Missouri were among Liddell’s earliest offers, with the Illini actually in on him first. Both programs have since changed coaches, but their pursuit hasn’t wavered.

Illinois maintained a link when Brad Underwood kept assistant coach Jamall Walker on his new Illini coaching staff.

“Coach Walker has been there since the beginning,” Liddell said. “I think he knows me a lot now. That makes a difference. Illinois has been there since the beginning.”

That long term relationship is one Henricksen said could pay off for Illinois. That,
green adidas his stock is rising
and the playing time the Illini could immediately offer the rapidly rising power wing.

adidas kids hip add more intrigue to Irving deal

adidas ladies shoes hip add more intrigue to Irving deal

The Kyrie Irving trade is one of the most complicated blockbuster transactions I can recall.

There’s the emotional component (he hit the most important shot in Cavs history), the basketball component (he’s a 25 year old top 12 player), the contractual component (a bargain, at two years and $39 million remaining), the other emotional component (by pretty much every account, he’s an odd, moody dude) and the LeBron component (if you can’t get along with The King, you have to leave).

When word first broke Tuesday night that the Cavs were on the verge of trading Irving to Boston, I initially thought dealing the four time All Star for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder was ludicrous.

But then it became apparent that the Cavs were also going to land the one draft pick with which it seemed Danny Ainge would never part Brooklyn’s top choice in 2018.

My opinion changed. Heck, I even believe it can be a win win deal for the two best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Still, there are a couple of factors I can’t stop thinking about from the Cavs’ perspective: Thomas’ hip and his contract.

Two comments from Ainge after the deal was announced were illuminating in that regard.

When he was asked how much of a factor Thomas’ hip injury was in the trade, the Celtics president of basketball operations said, “Um, some. There’s going to be probably a little bit of a delay for Isaiah as he starts the season this year. I think that Isaiah should be fine and healthy as the season goes along.”

Thomas initially injured the hip in mid March, and he reaggravated the ailment against the Wizards in Game 6 of the East semis. He went on to tally 29 points and 12 assists in an incredible Game 7 performance, but he was a non factor before getting shut down against the Cavs in Game 2 of the East finals.

Even if the 2017 18 version of Thomas is half as good as last season, the All Star will be underpaid. Prior to the 2014 15 season, in a rare stroke of brilliance by the Kings, Sacramento got Thomas in a sign and trade deal with Phoenix.

The Kings gave him a four year, $27 million contract, which featured salaries that decline each year to $6,261,395 in 2017 18. (Sacramento went back to its bad habits by trading Thomas in a 2016 deal that included a Cavs first round pick.)

Next summer, Thomas barring a terrible year is going to want to get a max deal, or close to it.

At that point, he’ll be entering his age 30 season, and 5 foot 9 guards who rely on their speed and get to the basket a ton aren’t expected to age gracefully.

That leads us back to Ainge, who, when asked about Thomas looking for a max deal in 2018, said,
adidas kids hip add more intrigue to Irving deal
“Contracts do play a part in trades. No question.”

Friday, The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd included this whopper of a paragraph in an interesting story about the deal:

The fact team officials are quietly downplaying Thomas’ involvement in the trade is curious since he is widely regarded as the headliner in the deal. But no one is certain yet what condition his injured right hip is in, and it’s fair to wonder if the injury will sap any of his trademark explosiveness. This is strictly speculation, but it wouldn’t be all that surprising if the Cavs tried to flip Thomas elsewhere before the start of the season.

Um, wow.

The glass half full outlook is that the Celtics, prior to the deal even becoming a possibility, said that they expected Thomas to fully recover from the hip injury, though he might miss some time at the start of the season. And the Cavs don’t need him in October. They need him in April, May and June.

Also important: Thomas doesn’t have to be the Cavs’ best player, a role he so capably filled for the Celtics. He doesn’t even have to be their second best.

If he’s anything close to as good as he was in 2016 17, his addition, coupled with Crowder and whatever the Cavs decide to do with the Nets pick, would seem to be a pretty good haul for a player the rest of the NBA knew the Cavs were eager to deal.

But the concerns with Thomas seem to be pretty prevalent and we probably shouldn’t be surprised with any route the Cavs decide to take (whether it’s re signing him in 2018 or dealing him, as Lloyd suggested).

There’s also this: In the last two postseasons, Thomas’ field goal percentages were 39.5 and 42.5 down from 42.8 and 46.3, respectively, in the regular seasons. His 3 point percentages were 28.3 and 33.3 compared to 35.9 and 37.9 in the regular season.

Irving’s shooting, meanwhile, was BETTER in the playoffs 47.5% and 46.8% in 2016 and ’17, respectively, compared to 44.8 and 47.3 in the regular season. The guard made 44% and 37.3% of his 3s in the last two postseasons, which, when combined, was an improvement from his 32.1% and 40.1% figures in the regular season.

The obvious counterpoint to that is the Cavs aren’t getting just Thomas for Irving. They’re receiving quite a bit more, in fact.

The Nets pick might be the gem of the deal one that can be dealt for another star or used to pick up the pieces after a second LeBron exit.

We still believe Koby Altman did about as well as he could have under the circumstances.

But the concerns over Thomas have added an uneasiness to a trade we’ll still be breaking down a decade from now.

New Cavs jerseysOne of the lesser, but still interesting, subplots from the Irving trade is that even though the Cavs introduced the first two sets of their new uniforms earlier this month, the Nike apparel isn’t yet available for sale on the Cavs’ online and in arena team shops.

Thus, there are no Cavs fans who spent triple figures on a jersey featuring Irving’s name and the redesigned white and wine looks. (The team will have four uniform sets this season, with the other two color schemes to be revealed closer to the start of the season.)
adidas kids hip add more intrigue to Irving deal

adidas copa mundial Hindman sets state mile record

adidas originals gazelle Hindman sets state mile record

Hindman’s time of 4 minutes and 4.53 seconds ranks first for the mile in state history by a high school athlete. The fastest 1,600 meter belongs to Willard’s Jason Pyrah who finished 4:03.54 at the Class 3A state championship meet in 1987. The mile is 1,609 meters. Glendale’s Spencer Haik went 4:05.98 in the mile at last year’s Festival of Miles. Kickapoo’s Danny Thater finished the 1,600 in 4:07.2 at the Midwest Distance Gala in 2010.

Patrick Parker of American Fork, Utah, won the Dream Mile in 4:03.99. O’Fallon’s Chris Conrad entered the Dream Mile but did not finish after leading the race the first two laps.

The Mizzou bound Hindman, 18, won the Class 5 1,
adidas copa mundial Hindman sets state mile record
600 state championship in 4:09.69 on May 26 at Jefferson City High School. It was four seconds better than Kearney senior Clayton Adams, whose time of 4:13.67 was the second best in Missouri this spring.

The Dream Mile time is the second all time state mark Hindman set this season. He raced to a runner up finish in the 3,200 at the Arcadia Invitational in Arcadia, Calif., in a time of 8:43.4 to shatter the previous state record of 8:53.79 set by Matt Tegenkamp of Lee’s Summit at the Golden West Invitational in 2000.

Hindman is the second Lafayette runner to go under nine minutes in the 3,200 in the last two years. Devin Meyrer, who just finished his freshman year at Baylor University, went 8:59 at the Arcadia Invitational in 2016.
adidas copa mundial Hindman sets state mile record

adida gazelle Hilltoppers grab another road win

adidas training pants Hilltoppers grab another road win

Western Kentucky’s third win of its three game road trip wasn’t the most impressive of the trio. But, as coach Rick Stansbury reminded reporters afterward, it counted just the same as the last two.

The Hilltoppers (13 5 overall, 5 0 Conference USA) ground out a 73 63 victory Saturday against Charlotte (5 11, 1 4). WKU overcame a subpar shooting night (25 of 64, 39.1 percent) by locking down the 49ers on the other end (20 of 58, 34.5 percent).

“We stay with it no matter how we’re playing,” said guard Taveion Hollingsworth, who scored 10 points. “Even if everybody’s off, we keep playing hard on defense. That’s all coach talks about is defense, and that’s what we had to do.”

The win was the sixth straight overall for the Toppers, fifth straight to start C USA play and fourth straight on the road. WKU’s four game road winning streak (Dec. 22 at Austin Peay, Jan. 6 at Marshall, Thursday at Old Dominion, Saturday at Charlotte) is its longest since the 2013 14 season.

The Hilltoppers are 5 0 in conference play for just the fourth time since 1970. They’re tied with two time defending C USA champ Middle Tennessee (13 4, 5 0) through three weeks of league play.

Saturday win came against a Charlotte squad that struggled all season and is ranked No.

The victory didn’t come in the same browbeating fashion of WKU’s 112 87 win at Marshall, and against the quality of a team like ODU (KenPom No. 72), who the Tops beat 75 68 Thursday.

“A W is a W,” Stansbury said. “It counts the same as the one Thursday night. Winning on the road is not easy. You can’t take it for granted nowhere.

“We didn’t play our best, but we still found ways to make plays when we had to. That’s going to happen some nights.”

Guard Lamonte Bearden was WKU’s best playmaker Saturday in Charlotte. The redshirt junior scored a team high 19 points (6 of 9 field goals, 2 of 2 3 pointers, 5 of 6 free throws) before fouling out after 27 minutes.

Guard Darius Thompson (13 points, eight rebounds, six assists) stuffed the stat sheet as usual. Hollingsworth and forward Dwight Coleby scored 10 points each, with Coleby grabbing 12 rebounds for his seventh double double of the season.

Forward Justin Johnson was just 3 of 10 from the floor and turned the ball over five times, but grabbed a game high 14 rebounds to go with his eight points.

Guard Josh Anderson, playing his third college game, was a second half spark plug for the Hilltoppers. He finished with nine points, all coming after halftime, helping WKU put the game away by attacking the basket.

“Josh was a big impact in the second half when we needed to score a couple of buckets,” Bearden said of the 6 foot 6 freshman. “He got a couple of and ones and got to the line. He was great for us tonight.”

Charlotte guard Jon Davis poured in a game best 26 points, hitting 11 free throws for a 49ers squad that went 21 of 22 from the stripe. Fellow guard Andrien White tallied 18 points, but no other Charlotte player scored more than nine.

WKU went into halftime up 28 20 after an ugly 20 minutes of basketball. The Hilltoppers shot 11 of 37 (29.7 percent) in the first half, but that was better than the 49ers’ 7 of 27 (25.9 percent) clip.

The teams combined for 13 turnovers and an 0 of 15 mark from 3 point range during the first period. Bearden led all first half scorers with 11 points.

WKU got off to a nice start in the second half, and looked well in control when a Thompson layup made it 40 26 Tops with 15:25 to play.

Charlotte refused to get blown out. The 49ers pulled all the way back to within five at 44 39 on a Davis fast break dunk with 12:19 left. The margin stayed within single digits for much of the next eight minutes.

WKU’s lead stood at 55 49 with 5:33 to go when the Hilltoppers finally put things away. A Bearden 3 pointer, two Coleby free throws, a Thompson foul shot and a Coleby put back slam pushed the Hilltoppers’ lead to 63 49 with 3:12 to play and effectively shut the door on Charlotte.

“We didn’t have one of our best nights,” Hollingsworth said. “We really had to grind it out.”

WKU will come back to Bowling Green for a three game homestand, starting Thursday against Alabama Birmingham. The Blazers (13 5 overall, 4 1 C USA) notched a 74 62 home win Saturday against Louisiana Tech.

“I hope everybody’s there watching us,” Bearden said. “We’re playing great right now so come out and support us.”

Stansbury is now 28 22 in his second year at WKU and 321 188 overall in his coaching career. The Hilltoppers lead their all time series against Charlotte 18 10. Saturday marked WKU’s first win over the 49ers in Charlotte since 2015. The graduate senior Thompson hit the Hilltoppers’ first 3 pointer of the night with 17:56 left in the second half. That extended WKU’s streak of consecutive games with at least one made 3 to 956, dating back to March 15, 1987. The senior Johnson (14 rebounds) now has 865 for his WKU career, putting him at No. 10 on the school’s all time rebounding list. He passed No. 11 Dwight Smith (856) on that list Saturday. Announced attendance at Halton Arena was 3,845.{
adida gazelle Hilltoppers grab another road win

adidas mamba Hilariously botched family photos are no joke

adidas superstar gold Hilariously botched family photos are no joke

A Missouri family’s portraits could be one of the worst Photoshop fails of all time.

Photos of the Zarings were edited so poorly, the picture perfect family looks like a group of scary cartoon characters. In the shots, Pam and Dave, sons Connor, 8, and Cade, 12, and Dave’s mom Sharon Pentland, appear with laughably scrubbed faces.

The family posed for the pictures back in May of 2017 and just received these photos earlier this month. They’re the only photos they have of their blended family, said Pam, who married Dave three and a half years ago.

After the photo shoot, photographer Lesa Hall told Pam shadows caused problems with the images and offered a reshoot. The Zaring family “respectfully declined,
adidas mamba Hilariously botched family photos are no joke
” and simply asked to see the images. After months of back and forth with the photographer, Pam and her husband came to the conclusion they probably wouldn’t receive any images.

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Oh, but they were wrong.

Earlier this month, Pam received a disc with the 12 heavily edited images of seven poses from the shoot and “fell over laughing.” She shared them in a now viral Facebook post last Friday, saying “you can’t make this stuff up.” On Thursday, Pam said she received another package from the photographer with printed photos and more new heavily edited images.

Pam talked to the photographer after receiving the photos, who said her professor never taught her how to edit photos. She said she used a smoothing tool, but didn’t specify what editing program she used. The family never received a refund and hasn’t been in touch with the photographer since the photos went viral.

Websites associated with IMagery by Lesa Hall could not be found as of Friday. A LinkedIn profile for a Lesa Hall suggests the photography company has been operating for more than five years. USA TODAY was not able to reach Hall for comment.

Pam said posting the photos had “nothing to do with her” and were just for laughs.

“This has been fun for our family,” Pam told USA TODAY. “Before this went viral, we planned on hanging these. We have loved them from the start. We gotten so much laughter out of them.”

Pam also said they’ve received an overwhelming amount of messages from people going through hard times, including breast cancer and the loss of a dog,
adidas mamba Hilariously botched family photos are no joke
who said these photos made them laugh “that’s been the most humbling part.”

classic adidas football boots Hiking Boots Market Global Demand and Future Industry Analysis 2

adidas gazelles womens Hiking Boots Market Global Demand and Future Industry Analysis 2

ReportsnReports has published new research report on Hiking Boots Market Research Report and Forecast to 2018 2025 to its database.This Global Hiking Boots Market studies Hiking Boots in global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2013 to 2025.The Hiking Boots market has been expressively dissected in this statistical surveying that has been added to our frequently growing industry knowledge arrangement.On the basis of the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate for each application, including Men, Women and Kids.Develop policies and plans are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also states import/export, consumption, supply and demand Figures, cost, price, revenue and gross margins. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects is assessed, and overall research conclusions are offered.Major Points from Table of Content1 Market Overview2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Hiking Boots3 Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis4 Production Analysis of Hiking Boots by Regions, Technology, and Applications5 Sales and Revenue Analysis of Hiking Boots by Regions6 Analysis of Hiking Boots Production, Supply, Sales and Market Status 2012 20187 Analysis of Hiking Boots Market Key Manufacturers8 Price and Gross Margin Analysis9 Marketing Trader or Distributor Analysis of Hiking Boots10 Development Trend of Hiking Boots Market 2018 202511 Market Chain Suppliers of Hiking Boots with Contact Information12 New Project Investment Feasibility Analysis of Hiking Boots13 Conclusion of the Global Hiking Boots Market Report 2018Release ID: 286683Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Station make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.Get the latest forecast from the NBC12 First Alert Weather team.VSU falls to Shippensburg in Division II tournamentVSU falls to Shippensburg in Division II tournamentUpdated: Sunday, March 11 2018 11:01 PM EDT2018 03 12 03:01:38 GMTThe Virginia State University men’s basketball team is a No. 1 seed. (Source: VSU)The Virginia State University men’s basketball team fell to Shippensburg in the second round of the Division II NCAA men’s basketball tournament Sunday night.The Virginia State University men’s basketball team fell to Shippensburg in the second round of the Division II NCAA men’s basketball tournament Sunday night.
classic adidas football boots Hiking Boots Market Global Demand and Future Industry Analysis 2