adidas flux sale History of my TR7

adidas predator green History of my TR7

For well over two decades now I have carefully maintained and cared for the car. The novelty has never worn off. With an ideal Garage and disciplined approach to driving, the fun factor in owning such a car sometimes goes against the ‘A to B as quickly as possible’ means of transport scenario that is common place in society today.

My TR7 is a Solihull built 1982 champagne beige Drophead coupe (DHC), and one of the very last ever built (commission no. 408242). In October 1988 I purchased the car privately with 37,000 recorded miles from a guy in Wood Green, London, who shed a tear even after pocketing my 3000!

The car was originally owned by BL Cars Ltd., MCP/ECP Dept., Longbridge, Birmingham and was a management car plan company lease car for an Austin Rover manager. Delivered on 13/9/82, it covered 7696 miles before being auctioned off by BL (Maybe the Manager was sacked or made redundant?). .

A garage acquired the car (Les Archer (Hants) Ltd.) of Farnborough, Hampshire and it was then sold on 4/5/84 to a Mr. Bishop of Burnham, Slough, (The car’s first private owner), who actually purchased the car for his wife. .

Mr. Bishop recalls at the time of making the purchase the garage had recently obtained two TR7s direct from the factory, (purchased at auction) which were ‘motor cars the factory had retained for their own use.’.

Mike Cutmore has retained all MOT Certificates, parts invoices, service invoices.

The Maintenance history below refers to work carried out over above the normally required regular service items (oil changes, filter renewals, spark plug renewals, steering rack lubrication, Gearbox differential oil level checks etc.), which are periodically undertaken as necessary. (Mileage Records retained by Mike Cutmore).
adidas flux sale History of my TR7

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