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Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. Acthar Gel as a therapy option in patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the respiratory condition symptomatic sarcoidosis, one of 19 indications.”I am pleased that the first patient has been enrolled in this important Phase 4 study, the results of which may potentially provide evidence to further support Acthar as a treatment option in appropriate symptomatic sarcoidosis patients,” said Dr. Acthar Gel in the treatment of pulmonary sarcoidosis. Acthar Gel or 1mL of a matching placebo subcutaneously 2 times/week. Subjects will be assigned to treatment in a 1:1 ratio with up to 50 subjects per arm for a total of up to 100 subjects. Subjects who complete the 24 week randomized, double blind, placebo controlled treatment period will be eligible to continue in an optional 24 week open label extension.Response will be evaluated by Sarcoidosis Treatment Score (STS) with a time frame of baseline to 24 weeks. STS is an exploratory newly developed composite score that combines the results of pulmonary function tests (forced vital capacity; diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide), high resolution computed tomography, quality of life (King Sarcoidosis Questionnaire; Fatigue Assessment Scale) and corticosteroid tapering. In some cases the symptoms may come and go throughout a lifetime. This is referred to as symptomatic sarcoidosis. In people with sarcoidosis the immune system overreacts, forming clumps of cells called granulomas that result in inflammation to the body tissues. The disease can impact any organ, but it most often impacts the lungs, lymph nodes, eyes, and skin. Over 90 percent of people with sarcoidosis will suffer lung problems. Concomitant involvement of organs outside of the lungs is common, occurring in as many as half of all sarcoidosis cases. Acthar Gel is an injectable drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of 19 indications. Of these, today the majority of Acthar use is in these indications:Treatment during an exacerbation or as maintenance therapy in selected cases of systemic lupus erythematosusMonotherapy for the treatment of infantile spasms in infants and children under 2 years of ageThe treatment of acute exacerbations of multiple sclerosis in adults. Acthar Gel to be effective in speeding the resolution of acute exacerbations of multiple sclerosis. However, there is no evidence that it affects the ultimate outcome or natural history of the diseaseInducing a diuresis or a remission of proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome without uremia of the idiopathic type or that due to lupus erythematosusTreatment during an exacerbation or as maintenance therapy in selected cases of systemic dermatomyositis (polymyositis)The treatment of symptomatic sarcoidosisAdjunctive therapy for short term administration (to tide the patient over an acute episode or exacerbation) in rheumatoid arthritis, including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (selected cases may require low dose maintenance therapy)Treatment of severe acute and chronic allergic and inflammatory processes involving the eye and its adnexa such as: keratitis, iritis, iridocyclitis, diffuse posterior uveitis and choroiditis, optic neuritis, chorioretinitis, anterior segment inflammationIMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATIONThe adverse effects of Acthar are related primarily to its steroidogenic effectsActhar may increase susceptibility to new infection or reactivation of latent infectionsSuppression of the hypothalamic pituitary axis (HPA) may occur following prolonged therapy with the potential for adrenal insufficiency after withdrawal of the medication. Adrenal insufficiency may be minimized by tapering of the dose when discontinuing treatment. trauma or surgery) by the use of corticosteroids. Monitor patients for effects of HPA suppression after stopping treatmentCushing syndrome may occur during therapy but generally resolves after therapy is stopped. Monitor patients for signs and symptomsActhar can cause elevation of blood pressure, salt and water retention, and hypokalemia. Blood pressure, sodium and potassium levels may need to be monitoredActhar often acts by masking symptoms of other diseases/disorders. Monitor patients carefully during and for a period following discontinuation of therapyActhar can cause GI bleeding and gastric ulcer. There is also an increased risk for perforation in patients with certain gastrointestinal disorders. Monitor for signs of bleedingActhar may be associated with central nervous system effects ranging from euphoria, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, personality changes, and severe depression, and psychosis. Existing conditions may be aggravatedPatients with comorbid disease may have that disease worsened. Caution should be used when prescribing Acthar in patients with diabetes and myasthenia gravisProlonged use of Acthar may produce cataracts, glaucoma and secondary ocular infections. Monitor for signs and symptomsActhar is immunogenic and prolonged administration of Acthar may increase the risk of hypersensitivity reactions. Neutralizing antibodies with chronic administration may lead to loss of endogenous ACTH activityThere is an enhanced effect in patients with hypothyroidism and in those with cirrhosis of the liverLong term use may have negative effects on growth and physical development in children. Monitor pediatric patientsDecrease in bone density may occur. Bone density should be monitored for patients on long term therapyPregnancy Class C: Acthar has been shown to have an embryocidal effect and should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetusAdverse ReactionsCommon adverse reactions for Acthar are similar to those of corticosteroids and include fluid retention, alteration in glucose tolerance, elevation in blood pressure, behavioral and mood changes, increased appetite and weight gainSpecific adverse reactions reported in IS clinical trials in infants and children under 2 years of age included: infection, hypertension, irritability, Cushingoid symptoms, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, pyrexia, weight gain, increased appetite, decreased appetite, nasal congestion, acne, rash, and cardiac hypertrophy.Mallinckrodt uses its website as a channel of distribution of important company information, such as press releases, investor presentations and other financial information. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing the same information. Therefore, investors should look to the Investor Relations page of the website for important and time critical information. Visitors to the website can also register to receive automatic e mail and other notifications alerting them when new information is made available on the Investor Relations page of the website.
adidas trackies First Patient Enrolled in Mallinckrodt Phase 4 Trial of H

adidas suede trainers First Nation in ancestral land dispute

adidas pure boost First Nation in ancestral land dispute

OTTAWA A Supreme Court of Canada decision has moved a British Columbia First Nation a big step closer to receiving financial compensation for the loss of its traditional lands in the 19th century.

In a split decision released Friday, the high court restored a tribunal ruling in favour of the Williams Lake Indian Band, which had argued the pre Confederation colony of British Columbia failed to protect its territory from encroaching settlers.

A majority of the Supreme Court justices said the federal specific claims tribunal “reasonably found” that both pre Confederation British Columbia and Canada had failed to live up to their obligations to the band.

“A just resolution of these types of claims is essential to the process of reconciliation,” Chief Justice Richard Wagner wrote on behalf of the majority.

Williams Lake Indian Band Chief Ann Louie said the members were “elated” with the high court’s ruling.

“For over 150 years our chiefs and elders have been saying that we were unlawfully pushed off our village lands,” Louie said in a statement. “This decision from our country’s highest court clearly says our dispossession from these lands was wrong.”

The band is one of 17 communities of the Shuswap Nation, which traditionally lived around Williams Lake, harvesting game, fish and berries. municipality of Williams Lake, 540 kilometres north of Vancouver,
adidas suede trainers First Nation in ancestral land dispute
with a population of about 10,500.

Seven years ago, the band made a claim concerning just over 800 hectares, including the present city’s downtown.

In 2014, the specific claims tribunal which can award financial compensation upheld the band’s arguments concerning the original lands, finding that both the colony and Canada had breached their duties.

The Federal Court of Appeal overturned the tribunal’s decision two years ago, concluding that Canada’s post Confederation actions were sufficient.

The Supreme Court decision affirming the tribunal ruling clears the way for establishing compensation.

The Williams Lake band is looking forward to sitting down with federal representatives as soon as possible to figure out how to make amends, Louie said.

The band acknowledges the support from First Nations organizations across Canada as well as the hard work of its legal team, she added.

“We are also really appreciative of the support we’ve received from the City of Williams Lake in our efforts to get a resolution of this claim,
adidas suede trainers First Nation in ancestral land dispute
” Louie said.

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Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Inviting the most popular celebrities nowadays to endorse the brand is a common sight. adidas neo has officially announced Jackson Yi to be their new celebrity endorsement. This collaboration stimulates the fan economy in a different and surprising way. Following the 27th November announcement that Jackson Yi will be brand first ever International Youth Creative Ambassador, adidas neo launched three extravagant online and offline interactive marketing activities, which instantly became a sensation on social media.

adidas neo announcement that Jackson Yi will serve as its first International Youth Creative Ambassador was made on the day before the singer birthday 27th November. Jackson Yi first assignment for his new job was Jackson Yi Gift Box. The special gift boxes were awarded to 1128 lucky winners of a drawing held on the adidas neo online store. The number 1128 is a reference to Jackson Yi birth date 28th November. adidas neo also unleashed a hot new topic on Weibo 1 of 1128 Jackson Yi Gift Boxes which quickly went viral. The 1128 lucky recipients posted photos taken together with their own Jackson Yi Gift Boxes. The photos were then combined as a one of a kind Jackson Yi poster, allowing fans to become a core part of the campaign. The poster was not only released online but also was printed, where lucky buyers had the chance to win in adidas neo stores.

As a popular idol, Jackson Yi is the perfect candidate to promote the adidas neo brand message of Living Restless. A large portion of adidas neo target audience also happen to be big fans of the singer. This marketing campaign was specifically targeted at these fans. Making use of Jackson Yi celebrity status, the campaign brought adidas neo closer together with its fans by giving them a chance to interact with their idol, while also inviting them to play a key role in its brand messaging by using the power of the fan economy to combine online and offline marketing. The 1 of 1128 Jackson Yi Gift Boxes topic succeeded in attracting over 1600W+ reads and generating over 1200W+ interactions on Weibo, ranking NO. 3 among the hottest Weibo topics. Also, by guiding consumers to online and offline stores, adidas neo succeeded in harnessing the power of its passionate fan base to strengthen sales.
retro adidas shorts First Interactive Campaign with new b

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Multiple readers saw AC/DC in the ’80s for their first concert. John Stanford recalls, “I was only about 12 or so but had an older friend who took me. I remember telling my folks I was spending the night at a friends house. It was awesome!”

Mike Brown wrote, “Me and a bunch ofhigh schoolfriends drove over from Eastern Washington and saw the Fly on the Wall tour. EPIC.”Multiple readers saw AC/DC in the ’80s for their first concert. John Stanford recalls, “I was only about 12 or so but had an older friend who took me. I remember telling my folks I was spending the night at amore

Reader Moira O’Heren saw Run DMC, Bobby Brown and El DeBarge at the Tacoma Dome at the end of 1986. “My best friend and I went, we were 15. I remember Run DMC played “My Adidas” and all the people wearing Adidas (without laces because that was cool) were showing them off. The guy in front of us was doing Rockette kicks and his Adidas went flying off into the crowd!” Reader Moira O’Heren saw Run DMC, Bobby Brown and El DeBarge at the Tacoma Dome at the end of 1986. “My best friend and I went, we were 15. I remember Run DMC played “My Adidas” and all the people wearing . more

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives, Getty

Pearl Jam, Seattle Center Arena. Recalls Angela Carman, “My mom got the tickets through work. She also worked at Seattle Center as did, I believe, Stone Gossard’s mom, who I think my mom was aquatinted with. I really don’t remember how she got the tickets but I do remember it being quite the exciting concert for a 15 or 16 year old to attend. Right at the height of the grunge era, local band, and I went with my best friend. The venue was hazy with smoke and Eddie Vedder put on one hell of a show! Pearl Jam, Seattle Center Arena. Recalls Angela Carman, “My mom got the tickets through work. She also worked at Seattle Center as did, I believe, Stone Gossard’s mom, who I think my mom was aquatinted with. I . more
black and white adidas trainers first concerts

womens adidas pumps fires could smoulder until 2018

adidas climacool fires could smoulder until 2018

A municipal leader in British Columbia central Interior says he wouldn be surprised if wildfires that have chewed through more than 10,600 square kilometres of woodland aren fully out until 2018.

Chairman Al Richmond of the Cariboo Regional District said hot spots from many of the largest fires likely won be doused until the spring, mirroring a Fort McMurray wildfire that Alberta officials said was finally declared extinguished on Aug. 2.

goes down deep into the roots sometimes and then pops up again in the summer, he said. not unusual, so I think the forest service felt we will be out dealing with these fires until well into October. And we will probably be back with many hot spots again come spring. swaths of land that are now just barren stretches of ash covered ground and charred timber also worry the regional district as it prepares for rain in the fall.

we have some rains here, which we will be thankful to have to douse the fires, they could bring a mixed blessing and cause some land slippage too, so it not a pretty picture, Richmond said. Updated firefighting costs will be included in September financial update.

Cabinet ministers from the federal and British Columbia governments have scheduled a meeting for Tuesday in Vancouver to discuss the response and efforts to rebuild areas damaged by the wildfires. representatives will be Solicitor General Mike Farnworth, Forests Minister Doug Donaldson and Agriculture Minister Lana Popham. First Nations leaders and representatives from the Red Cross are also scheduled to attend the meeting.

On Friday, the province also extended a state of emergency for the third time through to the end of day on Sept. 15. on Friday morning, with 16 evacuation orders affecting about 3,
womens adidas pumps fires could smoulder until 2018
600 people, plus 39 evacuation alerts covering another 13,670 residents.

Among those fires was an 1,800 square kilometre blaze straddling the Cariboo and Thompson Nicola regional districts.

The BC Wildfire Service said the blaze, sparked at the beginning of July near Ashcroft, was 50% contained but recent scorching heat and gusty winds caused the fire to grow. All available resources, including structural protection crews, were sent to the area.

Effective at noon on Saturday, the province has decided to close all Crown land in the Rocky Mountain natural resource district to public access because of the fire risk. There are exceptions, including for people travelling to or from a residence that is not under an evacuation order.

Wildfire service spokesman Kevin Skrepnek said a full backcountry closure was not planned over the Labour Day weekend, but the province strongly recommended that people stay out of woods in the critically dry Kamloops, Cariboo and southeast fire centres.

Campfires remain banned in those areas. The BC Conservation Service said its officers issued 37 tickets over the last week to people who violated the order.

About 30 40% of the wildfire service crews are ending their contracts for the season entering September,
womens adidas pumps fires could smoulder until 2018
but Skrepnek said support from other provinces and local contractors will ensure there are enough people to continue battling fires that are expected to remain active for at least another month.

adidas originals store fires converge to torment Cotton County

grey adidas fires converge to torment Cotton County

Thursday’s searing heat and high fire danger had area departments playing a game of whack amole in effort to tamp down a burgeoning firestorm sweeping through Southwest Oklahoma.”They’re popping up like ugly heads,” said Cotton County Sheriff Paul Jeffrey. “We’re in such a dadgum drought down here you could look at something and start one up.”The first fire began shortly before noon and it is believed that it was caused by a bird flying into power lines though the triple digit temperatures could have just as feasibly caused the bird to combustWalters firefighters made a mutual aid request over emergency radios answered by the Bethel and Hulen volunteers shortly after noon when the large wildfire broke out close to Oklahoma 65 and Comanche Road, about five miles east and three miles north of town. With south/southwest winds of 10 mph gusting up to 20 mph, the parched groundcover absorbed flame as surely as rain if it were to fall. With 13 percent humidity, firefighters were offered no favors by the summer’s torture. but another fire immediately erupted in its place near Temple. The contingent of firefighters working in the northern part of the county raced south to join the Temple firefighters as they worked to slow the growing fire east of Oklahoma 70 off of Lone Star Road. The increasing by the second inferno caused for chaotic orders minutes later as calls for help as it burned near Temple, close to the Cotton Jefferson County line, just east off of Lone Star Road into Oklahoma 5 on the fire’s west side. Its occupants who were in the process of moving in were evacuated until the threat was lessened, he said. However, the fire continued to grow to around a three mile stretch, he said.”We’ve got a helluva fire going right now it’ll likely be in Jefferson County before they stop it,” Jeffrey said. “All the fields are down to stubble and that really leaves nothing to stop it.”A Temple brush truck broke down during the battle and was later towed back to the fire station. In light of the lost truck,
adidas originals store fires converge to torment Cotton County
reinforcements attempted to draw in the ranks and form a barrier but communication problems between the departments from at least three counties were causing confusion, according to radio traffic. The roadway remained closed as a task force out of Stephens County set up its command post nearby.”It’s still going, burning through the countryside to the north/northeast,” Jeffrey said. “We get ahead of it and the wind keeps changing and it gets gone on either side.”The sheriff said that the fight would most likely last through the night. Treacherous terrain and a mesquitecovered countryside made passability almost impossible, he said.”It’s going to be a while longer,” Jeffrey said. to assist with a flareup of the fire that burned one square mile near Welch Road and 135th Street outside of Elgin. While that scene was maintained, Comanche County Emergency Management Director Clint Wagstaff was coordinating a ready response in case a fire on Fort Sill’s West Range erupted past its boundaries. as it neared the intersection of Oklahoma 49 and 58. Medicine Park Fire Chief David McCoy relayed via radio another ominous warning: “It’s eating a lot of grass very fast.”Wagstaff reported the urgency of Fort Sill’s fire response to the burn: “It could go a long way if they don’t stop it at the head.”The fire’s path was reported to be trailing that of the 2011 fire that burned thousands of acres and more than 13 structures through Medicine Park and north around Lake Lawtonka. By night’s approach, it appeared that particular bullet had been dodged.The Fort Sill fire was contained to the military base and northern county fire departments were kept scrambling through the evening. as they battled an outdoor fire that threatened a home at 10547 Madische Road. Additional trucks were called off within a few minutes after arriving crews reported the fire contained and, a short while later, out.Nightfall offered little relief. First responders reported it wasn’t a lost structure but a boat stored on the property and called off extra support for the grass firefight after it was discovered to be less intense than initially believed. Cars on the property were burned during Tuesday’s fire in that area.Today joins Thursday as a red flag fire weather watch kind of day, With a forecast of more of the same with 112 degrees the forecast high temperature couple with 16 mph winds and 26 percent humidity and the sun baked Earth underneath,
adidas originals store fires converge to torment Cotton County
officials say that all the ingredients are gathered to create an extreme fire danger. Most of Southwest Oklahoma remains under a burn ban. Fines for illegal burning can range as high as $500 and property owners may file a civil case for damages if property is lost from a negligent fire.

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Come be part of one of the largest Fireplace companies in the Okanagan Valley! Fireplaces are not what they used to be. Our installers are factory trained in the installation of natural gas equipment that can span wider than most houses with some having 4 sides. These pieces of art take extra attention and require a trained individual to see the installation through to completion. The Fireplace Den in Kelowna can offer a stable career opportunity. Many of our staff have been part of our team for decades and have started out working with us as apprentices. With 16 years in business in Kelowna installing and maintaining fireplaces The Fireplace Den has developed a system in which each installer has full access to their schedule allowing insight into each job location and who they will be working with. Company vehicle is provided. These newer trucks/vans come complete with signage, extension ladders, winter tires basic parts required for the trade. Health Dental Benefits are available after a qualified period of employment Room for career growth is available and encouraged. We are successful if you are successful so it’s our goal to grow as a company. We offer incentives for advanced education for successful applicants. Tool Allowances are a standard here. Each tradesman has a fund available to use towards the purchase of required tools for the trade. We recognize that tools wear out and sometimes break unexpectedly adding a unexpected expense. We take the worry out of that with our tool allowance available after each year of employment. We have full time positions available with minimum 40hrs per week. Overtime hours are paid for weekend work if offered and accepted. We are busy all year round! Spring, Summer, Winter! We realize income is not the only reason our employees choose to work here. We have social events throughout the year allowing all team members to get to know each other socially. A great team is made up of many moving parties and we encourage our staff to enjoy what they do.
adidas zx flux shoes Fireplace Installer

adidas store uk fire unions seek pension increase

adidas trail running shoes fire unions seek pension increase

A Scranton Times Tribune All Access subscription gets you complete access to both our print and digital publications, delivered to your home, desktop and mobile devices 7 days a week

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Scranton’s police and fire unions want the state Commonwealth Court to reconsider its rejection in 2010 of an increase in maximum pension benefits, from 50 percent of salary to 70 percent, that the unions had won in prior arbitration cases.

At the time of that ruling, such an increase in pension benefits would have approximately doubled the city’s annual mandatory minimum contributions to the police and fire pension systems. Jermyn Lodge 2 stems from the state Supreme Court’s landmark arbitration ruling in favor of the unions in October 2011. One facet involved a possible restoration of the increase in pension benefits that Commonwealth Court had struck down in October 2010.

In allowing the union to appeal the pension matter, the Supreme Court in February 2012 sent it back to Commonwealth Court to be reconsidered.

The unions on June 5 filed a motion in Commonwealth Court to have it set a schedule for updated legal briefs to be submitted from both sides and a date for arguments to be heard.

The case is a lingering remnant of the epic legal war between the city and unions pitting conflicting state laws, Act 47, the Distressed Municipalities Act of 1987, against Act 111, Pennsylvania’s arbitration law of 1968. The unions won that war when the Supreme Court ruled in October 2011 that the city’s Act 47 recovery plan limitations did not trump Act 111 arbitration awards outside of the recovery plan.

The unresolved pension facet of the case centers on a third statute, Act 205, the 1951 Municipal Pension Act.

Unions’ attorney Thomas Jennings said, “The issue is whether or not it (the arbitration awards’ pension increases) passes muster with Act 205.”

Act 205 holds that in a class 2A city, of which Scranton is the only one in the state, “the total allowance from the (pension) systems shall not exceed 50 percent of the salary currently paid to a patrolman or fireman of the highest pay grade,” according to the Commonwealth Court ruling.

The two arbitration awards underlying the case, including one from 2008 for the fire union and one from 2009 for the police union, involved wage increases, health benefits and other items.

It also allowed for pensions as follows:

For 20 years of service, a pension of 60 percent of average year salary;

The calculation of average year salary included longevity, overtime and other pay incentives.

The city appealed these awards. On Oct. 29, 2010, Commonwealth Court affirmed large wage increases and caps on employee health insurance contributions, but struck down pension benefit provisions on the following grounds: they were illegal; there had been no cost estimate of their impact as required by Act 205; and actuarial data related to the pension awards had not been provided by the chief administrative officer of the pension plan.

The key questions in the unresolved pension case are whether the Commonwealth Court improperly vacated the pension provisions of the arbitration awards and whether the pension benefits conferred by the awards are lawful and should be confirmed, the unions’ motion states.

Regarding a pension above 50 percent, Mr. Judge noted that the city in the early 1990s provided a 60 percent pension option as a retirement incentive, and the 10 percent difference was funded from the city budget and not the pension systems. The annual budget continues to include a 10 percent pension retirement line item, he said.

“We don’t think it was a violation of Act 205,” Mr. Judge said of the arbitration award’s pension provision. He added that the unresolved pension issue has affected the timing of some retirements. “We’ve had guys wait to see what will happen and it’s a determination on when they will retire. I’m glad to see it’s finally getting taking care of.”.
adidas store uk fire unions seek pension increase

yohji yamamoto adidas Fire rips through Westwood home

adidas gazelle og grey Fire rips through Westwood home

Black cinders muddled with white flurries, flailing through the ice cold morning air. Steam rose from the gutted 1045 High St. home’s windows as worn out Keith Marsh schlepped into the front yard, taking a breather.

Coiled hoses spurted water, then froze powerlessly onto the lawn. The white clapboard cottage was burned to a crisp; charred doors ripped from hinges, smashed glass and shredding paint. Firefighters axed and ventilated the inferno.

One fire engine red Adidas high top sneaker leaned inside the open doorway in contrast to the mess. Bells chimed at the red brick church up the street, calling the close knit community to pray.

The Westwood volunteer fire captain wheezed, yanking off soggy gloves, plastered with grime and a family’s lost memories.

“It’s as close to hell as you can get in there,” Marsh stopped, speaking to Capt. Dave Miles, who warmed himself by the tanker.

“I sure hope their Christmas presents are hidden over there in that building,” responded Miles, facing a still intact garage. “Otherwise, they’re probably all gone.”

What started out as four Fairview High School buddies getting together to cook breakfast hastily turned into catastrophe. Alex Johnson, Kein Price and Drew Daugherty stopped at friend Brandon Webb’s home to hang out. No adults were home.

The 16 year olds preheated the oven for a morning meal and plopped on the couch in the adjoining living room. An aluminum saucepan of oily paraffin candle wax softened on the stove. Moments later the pals noticed an orange glow radiating from the kitchen and realized the wax was ablaze.

“We tried to pour water on it but it turned into a grease fire. It flashed back into my face,” said Johnson, pulling up his sweatshirt sleeve to show a singe on his forearm.

“I’d never seen anything like that. It went up fast. The entire kitchen was on fire within 30 seconds. There was nothing more we could do, so we got everyone out and called 911,” said the Westwood teen, shaking his head, eyeing the reduced to ashes home.

Westwood Fire Chief Brent Webster said the candle’s wick was removed, and the boys were melting it down on the range to make it last longer. When the wax temperature reached 800 to 1,200 degrees, it became dangerously hot and ignited. Water poured on it caused a flash fire and it accelerated quickly like an oil fire moves through a structure, sustaining itself.

Webster, a firefighting veteran, hadn’t seen a paraffin fire before and was alarmed by its intensity. He called Kentucky State Police investigator Detective Rodney Carroll, who ruled the fire accidental, he said. call. The home was already an inferno, flames shooting out two sides. Whipping winds hampered the team’s firefight, causing the fire to loop from room to room, broadening and combusting swiftly. The Summit Ironville and Flatwoods volunteer fire departments were called for backup, Webster said.

“A fire this hot doubles in size every minute, so the entire house was engulfed within seven to 10 minutes.”

“It was crazy. I never dealt with anything this scary,” said Price, who escaped without injury. He just got off the phone with his dad, Jimmy Price, who was relieved to hear his son was safe.

Kein Price has known Brandon Webb for more than 12 years. It hurts knowing his classmate lost most everything.

“We will be by his side,” said Kein Price, who lives in Westwood. “We pull together at Fairview.”

Daugherty was visibly shaken, watching the house smolder from a neighbor’s driveway. The Ashlander said the experience changed him dramatically.

“We just knew we had to get out. I guess we take for granted how quickly something like this can happen and how your life can change in a second. I think it taught us to be safe and think about what you do before you do it.”

Webster praised the young men for their bravery and quick response.

“It was admirable for kids their age. They kept their heads straight and got out of the house.

“It was so dark in there, no visibility at all. It’s like if you ever go to Carter Caves when they turn off the lights inside the cave. That’s what it feels like,” he said, pointing to a new helmet scorched by the flames.

“It’s cooked. It was over 1,000 degrees in the attic and probably 500 degrees on the floor.”

Boyd County paramedics were on watch, ready to tend to injured members of the brigade who fought blowing embers for almost four hours. Webster said putting out fires in winter is grueling. Once bunker gear is cold and wet, it’s impossible to warm up.

Westwood Deputy Fire Chief Tim England twisted his knee but didn’t seek treatment.

The homeowner, Chris Webb, was on his way home late Sunday afternoon to gauge his losses. He was in Cleveland when the fire broke out. Son Brandon was taken away by family members but returned to the house later, thankful to be alive, Webster said.

The fire crew saved two bedrooms. Webster hopes the residents can salvage some belongings.

He said there are lessons to be learned from the fire, especially during the holiday season. Read the instructions on candles and potpourri pots, using them only in the intended manner. If a candle gets out of control, use a fire extinguisher or simply run from the home and call for help.
yohji yamamoto adidas Fire rips through Westwood home

cheap adidas gazelle trainers Fire crews called to Hickory Bar

adidas absolion Fire crews called to Hickory Bar

was out of the restaurant before the fire department arrived. Everyone did everything right, said part owner Gary Fischer, thankful none of his employees or customers got injured from the fire.

was a patron inside the restaurant who smelled smoke, reported it to management and an employee started looking into it and the back portion of the restaurant started to fill with smoke, said Dayton District Fire Chief James Rose

According to Rose the employee then checked outside and saw the fence and part of the building wall on fire.

keep a lawnmower in it that we mow the little grass we have with it around the building. Besides that, there nothing back there, said Fischer.

it is within 14 to 15 feet of a smoking station which patrons come outside, said Rose, smoke cigarettes, so everything points to a discarded cigarette butt flipped on that wooden privacy fence and caught the fence on fire and communicated up the stucco. estimate the damage between $3,500 and $4,
cheap adidas gazelle trainers Fire crews called to Hickory Bar

kind of riduculous. We have ashtrays out here and people just throw their cigarettes anywhere out there, said Hickory Bar B Q employee Scott Garlitz.

Firefighters kept the damage on the inside to a minimum, only having to knock out the ceiling of the bathroom, opposite of where the fire started, to make sure all possible hot spots were out.

be open hopefully tomorrow, or the next day. As soon as we get everything squared away, Fischer said. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and keep the conversation on topic and civil. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.
cheap adidas gazelle trainers Fire crews called to Hickory Bar