adidas gazelle indoor blue coli contamination found on half of shopping carts Includes interview

adidas iphone 4 case coli contamination found on half of shopping carts Includes interview

It’s probably overlooked by many, but according to new research, the amount of harmful bacteria on grocery shopping carts is enough to raise quite the concern. Researchers say, in fact, that so much bacteria exists on the seats and handles of shopping carts that the only thing sanitary wipes are likely to accomplish is peace of mind for the unsuspecting shopper.

From the University of Arizona, Dr. Charles P. Gerba and Sherri Maxwell performed studies on shopping carts in grocery store parking lots across five major metropolitan areas.

“We tested Sioux City, Iowa, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia,” said Dr. Gerba during an interview following the announcement of his study. “We only tested shopping carts from grocery stores,” he continued to detail the study, “and we only tested carts from the parking lot nothing inside.”

Several references are made in the report to researchers who have recently proved that raw meat products are commonly contaminated with bacteria considered infectious to the intestines. Further studies have also shown that children who ride in the seat of a shopping cart are regularly exposed to harmful bacteria, putting them at a greater risk to infections from Salmonella, which is typically passed through the feces of humans or animals, and Camplyobacter, which is often carried by birds.

Additionally, Gerba cites another study, from 2010, which proves shopping cart handles to be “hidden reservoirs” for pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus, familiarly known as Staph (pronounced “staff”) organisms. Staphylococcus aureus is the most common of over 30 Staphylococcus bacterial breeds to which humans are susceptible. On the human body, the most common places to find Staphylococcus aureus are in the nose and on the skin, thus providing a high probability to contaminate objects and infect others with a dangerously contagious bacteria.

Though anyone may contract an infection, those at the greatest risk for a Staph infection include infants and young children, breastfeeding mothers, persons with chronic disease(s) including immune deficiencies, intravenous apparatus users and people with unhealed surgical incisions.

Under Gerba’s own study, his team collected samples by swabbing the seat and handle from a total of 85 shopping carts. The samples were then packed in ice and delivered overnight to the University of Arizona for processing. The total estimated surface area sampled among the 85 shopping carts was 668 square centimeters. The outcome of the study proved that 72 percent of the 85 shopping carts sampled contained a high amount of coliform bacteria.

Coliform organisms are commonly present in our environment, particularly in the feces of all warm blooded animals, including humans. Coliform organisms are not likely to cause illness on their own, but an extreme presence is an indication of well breeding conditions for disease causing pathogens.

In Dr. Gerba’s research, of the 72 percent of shopping carts which tested positive for high amounts of coliform organisms, 36 of them were tested for more harmful bacteria. Among those, 50 percent were found to contain Eschericha colo, commonly known as E. coli bacteria.

E. coli bacteria lives inside the intestines and helps break down food. Harmful strains of this bacteria may travel into the blood and cause very serious infections. Symptoms of an E. coli infection, or E. coli poisoning, include severe stomach cramping or pain, vomiting and diarrhea that may sometimes contain blood.

In his report, Dr. Gerba pushes hard for an awareness to shopping cart sanitation. He references a study from 2001 that proves most anti bacterial wipes would need to be applied to the contaminated surface area for a minimum of ten minutes in order to be effective against such organisms. Dr. Gerba also recommends the use of plastic barriers, which are designed to fit over the handle and have an anti bacterial adhesive on the contacting side, which can then be properly disposed when each shopper returns their cart.
adidas gazelle indoor blue coli contamination found on half of shopping carts Includes interview

adidas nastase Cold Lakers will get a rare glimpse of an F

adidas hi tops womens Cold Lakers will get a rare glimpse of an F

you ever seen an F 22 before, asked Second Lt. Camille Dolphin, a spokeswoman for 4 Wing Cold Lake.

The single seat, twin engine, all weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft can sustain supersonic flight, exceeding Mach 2. 0 (more than 2,000 kms per hour). It is known for its extraordinary agility and advanced avionics.

their (America premiere world class fighter, said Maj. Kael Rennie, one of Cold Lake air show organizers. guys will do things in the sky that even Canadian fighter pilots can

Cold Lakers will have a chance to see the F 22 firsthand when it is in town for this summer air show. It will be the F 22 only appearance in Canada.

Also coming to the Lake City will be renowned stunt pilots Rob Holland and Pete McLeod.

Holland has won many aerobatic flying competitions worldwide and McLeod is a part of the Red Bull racing circuit.

The air show wouldn be complete without the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds, Skyhawks and CF 18 demonstration teams.

that very unique to our air show is what we call the mass attack, said Rennie, referring to a simulated air skirmish that will include explosions and pyrotechnics.

a real crowd pleaser, he said. are putting together a performer lineup that world class. It going to be on par with major air shows across North America.

Mayor Craig Copeland agreed.

will be a lot of Cold Lakers watching because every show is different, he said, adding that Cold Laker are spoiled.

living in a community that has Canada largest fighter base. You can almost take it (the air show) for granted, said Copeland, alluding to the fact that in Cold Lake there is an air show every day CF 18s, Hawks and Griffon helicopters are regular sites in the Lakeland.

The air show will also be dedicated to commemorating the 60th anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD).

For instance, the RCAF CF 18 demo jet will be painted in a way that incorporates aspects of NORAD logo lightning bolts, a north pointing sword, the globe and silver stylized wings that evoke both the northern lights and radar sweeps.
adidas nastase Cold Lakers will get a rare glimpse of an F

adidas football boots sale Coke seen looking at ties after raid

adidas gazelle ii Coke seen looking at ties after raid

FRANKFURT, Germany While the biggest sponsors of soccer World Cup probably will take a close look at their relationships with FIFA after Wednesday indictments of officials at the sport governing body, they unlikely to take any immediate action. Justice Department allegations of and deep rooted corruption don undermine the game integrity in the way performance enhancing drugs or match fixing do, said Kevin Alavy, a managing director at sports media analysis firm Futures Sport + Entertainment. Justice Department.

can take different forms, and some forms of corruption can matter more to fans, particularly when the integrity of the match is threatened as in doping or match fixing, Alavy said in a phone interview. form of corruption can be the most damaging. the sponsors can risk tarnishing their reputations with a even a whiff of wrongdoing, so they likely to examine their ties with FIFA. indictment Wednesday outlined two decades of fraud, and Swiss officials said they investigating alleged money laundering related to the selection of the host countries for the next two World Cups, in Russia and Qatar.

The website of Zurich based FIFA lists five marketing partners for the 2018 World Cup in Russia Adidas, Coca Cola, Visa, Gazprom, and Hyundai Motor and its Kia Motors affiliate. Anheuser Busch InBev Budweiser and McDonald are also sponsors of the tournament, according to the site.

Adidas fully committed to creating a culture that promotes the highest standards of ethics, a spokeswoman said in a statement, and it urging FIFA establish and follow transparent compliance standards in everything they do. The German sportswear maker plans to continue its support of soccer all levels, she said.

A Gazprom spokesman in Moscow said Wednesday development influence the Russian gas producer sponsorship agreement in place through the end of the World Cup in 2018.

Calls to Hyundai and Kia weren answered outside working hours in Seoul. An official at Visa wasn immediately able to comment. Coca Cola, McDonald and AB InBev didn immediately respond to requests for comment.

Companies pay tens of millions of dollars a year for the right to associate their names with soccer quadrennial tournament, the world most popular sporting event. Getting in front of all those fans may be too good to pass up.

is far and away the world most popular sport and the World Cup is its most important event, said Alavy.

The balance between wanting a squeaky clean image and getting access to soccer huge global fan base presents a quandary for international brands. The best solution may be for FIFA to deal with the charges strictly and decisively to protect sponsors, said one European executive whose company works with FIFA and didn want to be quoted talking about internal matters.

Even when sponsors do yank support from athletes and events, it can take years to play out. Allegations of blood doping followed cyclist Lance Armstrong for more than a decade before Nike and others dropped him in 2012. The Olympic Winter Games survived allegations of bribery in the run up to the Salt Lake City games in 2002.

this tarnishes the FIFA brand, said Matt Powell, an analyst at NPD Group, a market research company. expect that sponsors will show restraint until the story plays out a bit more. Once they know that convictions are in and understand the extent of the crimes, then sponsors will act. charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies.

Soccer officials had gathered in Zurich Baur as Lac hotel ahead of FIFA President Sepp Blatter re election bid on Friday. The governing body has been dogged by corruption charges repeatedly during Blatter 17 year tenure atop global soccer.

Concerted pressure from the sponsors would ensure that FIFA cleans up its act, said Nigel Currie, a sponsorship consultant at NC Partnership.

just individual brands start breaking ranks, that one thing, he said in an interview on Bloomberg Television Market Makers. if they all pull together, they could have a real impact and really damage FIFA very badly, and I think then you start to see some changes and see them taking some notice.
adidas football boots sale Coke seen looking at ties after raid

adidas mens Coin flip settles battle for RDOS vice

green adidas tracksuit Coin flip settles battle for RDOS vice

“Being in the Similkameen has been of advantage because we cover a large area when the chair is not able to go south or is otherwise committed,” he said.

“Also, as a small town mayor, I have the flexibility when absolutely necessary to be available for occasions on short notice.”

Jakubeit, who was nominated by Penticton city Coun. Andre Martin, sought in his speech to dispel concerns about board leadership becoming too “Penticton centric” with him in the No. 2 position.

“The reality is any decision that’s made is made around here at the board (table) and we’re all very regional minded. I especially think of myself as regional minded,” he said.

Jakubeit also noted his office at City Hall is literally across the street from RDOS headquarters.

Thursday marked the second consecutive year Bauer beat out Jakubeit for the position, which Jakubeit held in 2014 and 2015.

Meanwhile, the race for the job of chairperson was far less dramatic, with Naramata director Karla Kozakevich winning by acclamation for the second straight year.

Prior to her nomination by Princeton Mayor Frank Armitage, Kozakevich reeled off a list of RDOS accomplishments in 2017.

It included creation of the South Okanagan Conservation Fund, planning for a split of Area D, an emergency operations centre that ran for five consecutive months and through which 13 evacuation orders and 20 evacuation alerts were issued, plus record setting construction value of $75 million through September.

Kozakevich was quick, however, to pass credit elsewhere.

“Every project we do or bylaw amendment, anything we do,” she said, “it’s because of the hardworking staff we have in this building and out and about throughout the whole region.”

West Bench director Michael Brydon was acclaimed for a fourth year as vice chairman of the Okanagan Similkameen Regional Hospital District, while Penticton city Coun. Judy Sentes was elected for a fifth time as vice chairwoman.

CommentedLetters to the Editor (9): Tuesday, February 13, 2018 (3)High end hotel proposed for Naramata Bench (3)Doping charge could hurt Russia’s chance at reinstatement (1)Corps: Agency worked to inform on Harvey flood risk (1)Failed compost plans cost $400K (1)A look at some reaction to the verdict in the Tina Fontaine case in Winnipeg (1)Sex abuse cases against Jehovah’s Witnesses church settled (1)The 10 best concerts ever staged at the SOEC (and the five worst) (1)City wading into wine disute (1)Saying goodbye after 30 years in the judge’s chair (1)
adidas mens Coin flip settles battle for RDOS vice

adidas originals zx Codroy Valley couple living sustainable lifestyle

adidas predator absolute Codroy Valley couple living sustainable lifestyle

ST. ANDREWS, NL It another crisp and clear autumn afternoon in the Codroy Valley and, as usual when she not cutting hair Bernadine Ryan is puttering around in her garden.

Today she filling one compost bin with some freshly raked leaves and emptying another into a wheelbarrow.

is for flowers and one is for everything, said Ryan, who tends the flower garden while her husband David grows about a quarter acre of various vegetables. She has a third on rotation as well, for use as needed.

one here I emptied this morning for my flower pots and my flower garden. a decade and a half, Ryan has picked up a lot of tips and tricks about recycling and reducing her environmental footprint.

She only puts out one bag of garbage a month from her household, and one a year from her side businesses cutting hair. Ryan says she does a lot of reading and used to watch a gardening show to educate herself.

been composting hair for 15 years, says Ryan, who has been cutting it for at least 40. is really high in protein. the Ryans, composting isn just about environmental impact, but a total necessity.

find even the leaves are more vibrant, she says about the difference composting makes.

She also used a wood chipper to make her own mulch until David asked her not to use it anymore over worries she might injure herself.

said it was too dangerous. tree that got blown over went into the chipper, except for the huge logs that wouldn fit. She burned those in the fire pit and then used the ashes to scatter around her gardens, particularly the hostas. Ashes, eggshells and salt are the best slug repellents, Ryan advises.

Most cardboard and paper go into the fire pit in the summer.

While she does the bulk of the composting work, Ryan sometimes finds herself running unexpectedly short. She once opened a ready compost bin and found it completely empty David had used the entire lot in his vegetable garden.

grow turnip, carrots, potatoes, beets, peas, beans, Swiss chard, rape, and spinach. This year we had zucchini, cucumber and I grow my own tomatoes. had a bumper crop of those.

don know what I going to do with all my tomatoes. also does her own bottling and makes jams.

I buy a chicken every blue moon or a ham that about all I buy. We have our own meats. David raises his own pigs. also use moose instead of hamburger Ryan figures she hasn bought hamburger meat in close to four decades. The most she spends on groceries a month is about $100, and she buys as much as she can, like eggs, from other producers in the valley. She only wishes there were more producers with a bigger variety to buy from.

aren cheap. doesn just focus on organics either. There not much Ryan doesn try to reuse or recycle.

know the Styrofoam that comes in boxes? You can chop that up and use that in your flowerpots. once bought a bunch of ceramic tiles and smashed them up to make a mosaic for her basement floor. It strikingly original and, like most of what Ryan does in her spare time, a lot of hard work. Currently she renovating her kitchen, painting cupboards and switching out all of the hardware.

Ryan doesn expect much to change in her household when the new waste management recycling system comes online next summer. She been well ahead of the curve for a while now.

compost, I recycle, and I reuse. thinks people just need to be properly educated and that if bigger cities can adapt, so can Newfoundland. Bernadine says landfills are just rodent catchers, and that folks can easily do better.
adidas originals zx Codroy Valley couple living sustainable lifestyle

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adidas adissage Codeigniter Captcha Code

Codeigniter CaptchaCaptcha code code igniter stored database which cache have problems form validation with captcha code codeigniter captcha that store session always gets new code after each submit form post variable id jquery validation problem with codeigniter sitepoint cache mirip please code help class login extends database) username password captcha with codeigniter!
all white adidas originals Codeigniter Captcha Code
codeigniter captcha exle herbal penyubur kandungan cache jul php codeigniter captcha exle cache php freelance codeigniter best easiest way cache mirip october spam avoid captcha code how codeigniter captcha not showing weightloss cache days ago pelaksanaan demokrasi indonesia fine site.Cache captcha helper podr code contact form properly was not showing codeigniter captcha recaptcha with pyrocms (code igniter) sharing few ideas cache jul this will allow you add recaptcha your pyrocms (code igniter) project download code from github use readme docx file codeigniter captcha codeigniter validate captcha accueil cache bijon cache mirip here way use recaptcha helper codeigniter steps $response gt incorrect code igniter validation toko hp online cache user guide genderfind php codeigniter captcha exle jurnal akuntansi.Perpajakan cache hari yang lalu new called captcha php you lost dont hesitate download my exle code through captcha codeigniter exle cache download captcha codeigniter penelusuran terkait dengan codeigniter captcha code codeigniter captcha validation codeigniter captcha font color codeigniter captcha change font size codeigniter captcha word length codeigniter captcha library codeigniter captcha change background codeigniter captcha text codeigniter captcha plugin.
all white adidas originals Codeigniter Captcha Code

adidas zx 9000 Coco and Breezy to collaborate with Adidas

adidas gazelles Coco and Breezy to collaborate with Adidas

World Politics Entertainment Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords Entertainment Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Games Opinion Autos Buyer’s Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: North Korea Stormy Daniels Ruthie Ann Miles RUSSIA GUN CONTROL

facebook email Rwin sister design team Coco and Breezy, whose designs have been worn by the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Nicki Minaj. (YouTube)Adidas has enlisted the help of design duo Coco and Breezy for the US edition of its international project encouraging consumers to embrace their inner creator and customize their own unique designs.

The project is part of the sportswear brand’s Originals White Space Project, which sees “white spaces” set up in cities across the globe including New York, Berlin, Milan, Beijing,
adidas zx 9000 Coco and Breezy to collaborate with Adidas
Tokyo, Oslo, So Paulo, Athens and Bogota for shoppers to express themselves.

Adidas isn’t the only brand to embark on a global project aimed at inspiring self expression this spring; on May 15 beauty giant The Body Shop launches its Beauty With Heart movement. The campaign aims to empower people across the globe to “Look Good, Feel Good And Do Good” via a new store experience called Pulse,
adidas zx 9000 Coco and Breezy to collaborate with Adidas
where highlights will include free makeovers and inspirational bulletin boards.

adidas neo Coatesville United Soccer Program registration ends Monday

gold adidas Coatesville United Soccer Program registration ends Monday

COATESVILLE An upcoming Coatesville United Soccer program will teach children the skills to play soccer and incorporate nutritional lessons from their coaches.

The Soccer for Success offshoot will run from April 2 to May 11 and is open to students in kindergarten through sixth grade at Ash Park, 300 to 399 Kersey St.

The initiative was developed as an after school program to help children with making good decisions, beating obesity and improving health and wellness. Soccer Foundation and Adidas. The US Soccer Foundation is using national funding to help provide soccer in under served communities. JT Dorsey started the program for his hometown last year.

The program exposes children to a sport outside of physical education classes and gives them something to do, Dorsey said. Another important aspect of the program, he said, is that the children are surrounded by positive mentors.

The coaches will incorporate basic lessons of nutrition during the practice by playing games to help teach players about health and wellness. Robert Smith, a coach for Soccer for Success, said the young participants don t realize that they re learning because it s fun.

The children then teach their parents about nutrition by sharing what they learned during the program. The participants are going to be better siblings and friends, Smith said, by learning nutrition. They are having fun at the same time.

The program is about engagement with a positive mentor and to learn about nutrition, Dorsey and Smith said, it is not about winning. The players will rotate to different teams, showing the games are not about the team record. The players practice once a week for one hour and play a game on Sundays.

Mentors play a role in the recipe as Dorsey said they teach through modeling. Dorsey explained the mentors are genuine and care for the well being of the children. He has personally interacted with the players as he makes an effort to be involved with the program. His family members have been a part of the program as players and mentors. His niece helps coach, and his nephew helps as junior coach for children, and he plays soccer with older players.

There will be six coaches this year, which is enough for the 70 participants who have registered online. Dorsey said he expects more players will turn in their registration forms.

It s not about winning games or developing great players, Dorsey said. Let them come and have fun in participating.

The parents play an important role as well, organizers said.

I advocate to the parents, thank you for trusting us with this program, (by) stepping out of the box and letting us do something different, Smith said. Soccer is different for inner city kids . you can succeed from stepping outside of the box and doing something different.

Smith said it is more than a soccer program because it calls for social change and offers a positive program with mentors.

Having a community officer involved with the program as a mentor, the kids get to create a positive relationship with law enforcement that isn t necessarily promoted in our communities, Dorsey said about Coatesville community police officer Rodger Ollis. We want them to understand the law enforcement officers are a resource to them and not negative.

The program benefits from the attempt to break the barrier between the community and the police, as Ollis explained, and it makes everyone safer if you can help strengthen the relationship when they re younger.

Ollis said it is beneficial for the parents to see their children participating in a sport with children their age, mentors and a police officer in plain clothes. He said he interacts with the children by warming up with them and playing a game when possible. He said he also interacts as the referee and a coach and he cheers from along the sidelines.

I certainly enjoy the positive interaction, and I think it s important that policing includes seeking out opportunities to form good relationships with the public, Ollis said. I m honored to be a part of it.

Registration forms can be found and hand delivered to City Hall, or register online, by Monday, March 25. As the program continues to grow, the coordinators would like to see more volunteers get involved as mentors.

Registration costs $50 per player and includes a program T shirt.

The coordinators are also seeking financial support to lower the cost for the families of players. Dorsey said parents may want their children to join a program but may be unable to afford costs of traveling, soccer gear or the registration fee.
adidas neo Coatesville United Soccer Program registration ends Monday

adidas football boots predator Coast guard suspends search for fisherman lost at Humboldt Bay

adidas terrex fast r Coast guard suspends search for fisherman lost at Humboldt Bay

North Coast NewsNorth Coast WeatherNorth Coast Sky CamsNorth Coast TeamNorth Coast ScheduleCommunity CalendarMcKINLEYVILLE, Calif. Coast Guard crews suspended the search Sunday for a fisherman who fell overboard from a fishing vessel in Humboldt Bay.According to the coast guard, Bryan Scott Moore, also known as Bryan Moore Oberg, had accidentally toppled off of the 47 foot commercial fishing boat, Chief Joseph, approximately eight miles west of the South Spit in Humboldt Bay while crabbing for Dungeness crab.The suspension comes after coast guard crews from Station Humboldt Bay, Air Station Humboldt Bay and Air Station Sacramento conducted an 11 hour search that covered almost 700 square miles.”It is with a heavy heart the Coast Guard makes the decision to suspend a search and rescue case,” said Capt. Greg Fuller, the Sector Humboldt Bay commander. Sunday morning. The vessel captain was able to pull one person back aboard but could not see the other fisherman, according to officials. The man who was rescued had no reported injuries.The on scene weather at the beginning of the search consisted of 53 degree air and 52 degree water temperatures.Moore’s brother took to Facebook, saying the following:URGENT, MAN OVERBOARD At 1am this morning my brother, Bryan Scott Moore or also called Bryan Moore Oberg fell off his crabbing vessel called Chief Joseph, 8 miles from shore out of Eureka California and they called off the search about a half hour ago. My brother is one of the most loved, amazing humans you will ever come across. I’m asking for any way to continue the search for my Brother if anyway possible or information on whom I can call to do whatever it is we can. Please help me and my family. Please SHARE this post and help me and my family locate my brother.
adidas football boots predator Coast guard suspends search for fisherman lost at Humboldt Bay

la trainers adidas coaches ready to Rock the Big House

adidas star wars coaches ready to Rock the Big House

The University of Michigan calls The Big House home. But, for one day, at least, it’s all about The Rock.

For the third time in program history, and first since 1981, the Slippery Rock University football team will be playing at Michigan Stadium on Saturday.

Six Lawrence County natives three players and three coaches will represent The Rock at The Big House when it takes on on Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference West opponent Mercyhurst. Wide receiver and former Red Hurricane Marcus Carter and two Neshannock graduates defensive back John Conglose and defensive tackle Ralph DoVidio will represent Slippery Rock on the field. Off of it, the father son tandem of former New Castle head coach Frank Bongivengo Jr. (pass game coordinator/wide receivers coach) and Michael Bongivengo (running backs/tight ends/graduate assistant), as well as Shenango High graduate Domenick Razzano (linebackers coach) will be on the sidelines.

The tradition started in 1959, when the Michigan public address announcer started announcing the scores of The Rock’s games because of the uniqueness of the university name. Slippery Rock was invited to play a game at The Big House in 1979 when Michigan had a bye week.

What culminated was the largest attendance for a Division II football game in history with 61,143 fans in attendance, as Slippery Rock lost to Shippensburg 45 14. The Rock also played at Michigan Stadium in ’81 when it lost to Wayne State 14 13.

That attendance record from the first game still holds today, but the new regime of players donning the green and white hopes to set a new standard and climb closer to filling the 109,901 seat stadium.

“It is an honor to play in the biggest college football venue in the world,” Michael Bongivengo said. “It’s definitely a good opportunity for Slippery Rock to get their name out on the map a little bit more than it already is. I definitely think we have a good opportunity at hand, we’re blessed to have the opportunity to go there. Coach (George) Mihalik has worked hard for a year and a half, two years trying to get it back on. So it is really nice to see that we are able to carry on this tradition and have such close ties with Michigan and the university.

“But the most important thing is the football game, we have to win the football game.”

Razzano backed what his fellow coach said and wants to make sure that players have their minds set on the task at hand.

“It’s definitely a rarity,” Razzano said. “Not many programs, if any, get the opportunity to go up and play in a venue like we’re going to play in this weekend. It’s an honor to be a part of that, but there’s a much more important aspect of this and that’s the game itself. That’s what we’re focused on. It is exciting, no doubt about it.”

The hype and focus may be on the event itself, but bouncing back is the No. 1 priority for Slippery Rock.

For almost everyone associated with the program, especially Carter, who transferred from Erie Community College last year and has two receptions for 12 yards on the season, it certainly will be the biggest crowd that his team has had the opportunity to play in front of.

“For me, I probably might pass out,” Carter said. “I’ve played in a game where there’s probably 4,
la trainers adidas coaches ready to Rock the Big House
000 people, but 60,000 plus? That’s mind blowing, that’s ear popping. My eyes have never seen that and it’s definitely a blessing.”

Conglose, who saw his first action over a month ago in The Rock’s game against East Stroudsburg, has six solo tackles on the season,

“That’s going to be something we’ve never seen before,” Conglose said. “That’s an awesome opportunity to be able to see all of those people. They say they’re trying to break the attendance record. To see that many people coming from a Single A school, not having many people coming to your games and stuff like that, that’s going to be something new to see and it’ll be really exciting.

“You just have to clear your mind, first and foremost. Not imagine that all the people are watching you, but just understanding that you’re playing a game. You’re not there to interact with fans, you’re down on the field to get a job done.”

DoVidio, who is being redshirted this year, will travel to Ann Arbor but will not dress for the game.

The Big House isn’t the only treat that The Rock will enjoy.

The program unveiled new uniforms for the game, all gray Adidas jerseys and silver Riddell helmets. In addition to the uniforms, players will wear undershirts with silver and green stripes on the sleeves.

“Definitely have to thank coach Mihalik for taking this throwback thing seriously,” Carter said. “He could have went out and got us any other type of jerseys, but he went out and spent his hard earned money and efforts and everything on these jerseys for us to look good. When you look good, you play good so we appreciate that.”

The jerseys not only have the ones wearing them excited, but the coaching staff as well. The younger Bongivengo and Razzano both played for Slippery Rock and know what the new threads mean to the program.

“I remember when (the coaches) saw them in the summertime, it was exciting then and now it makes it a little bit more so knowing that we have something on the line to play for,” Bongivengo said. “Hopefully these guys respond well and say ‘if we’re going to look this good, we better play as good as we look.’ ”

The players are focused on their opponent, even with all of the hype heading into the game. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the spoils before they hit the field, either.

“I’m not too sure how Slippery Rock and Michigan got our ties,” Carter said. “But whatever it is, I love it.”.
la trainers adidas coaches ready to Rock the Big House