adidas womens tracksuit Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick

adidas trainers blue Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick

Former Baylor center Isaiah Austin was honored by the NBA Thursday night as part of the league’s draft ceremonies.

The 7 1 Austin learned Saturday that his competitive basketball career is over after he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue,
adidas womens tracksuit Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick
and can be life threatening.

Midway through the first round of the draft, NBA commissioner Adam Silver addressed the crowd at the Barclays Center,
adidas womens tracksuit Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick
“We want to take a moment to recognize Baylor center Isaiah Austin. You may have heard about him he’s one of the best collegiate players in the country and was expected to be picked tonight.

“We wanted to make sure he fulfilled at least part of his dream. With the next pick, the NBA selects Isaiah Austin from Baylor University.”

Austin stepped on stage at the Barclays Center and shook hands with Silver. Afterwards,
adidas womens tracksuit Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick
Austin did a brief interview with ESPN, expressing how grateful he was to be invited to the draft.

“It’s one of the biggest blessings of my life,
adidas womens tracksuit Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick
” Austin said. “I worked so hard to get to this point, but unfortunately it was taken away. When God closes one door,
adidas womens tracksuit Austin honorary 1st round NBA pick
he opens another.

jd adidas originals Aurora woman quit job days before winning

rita ora adidas Aurora woman quit job days before winning

Yahnique and Bruce receive their first of 25 annuity payments after scoring big in the Colorado Lottery. / Colorado Lottery DENVER, Colo. The Aurora woman who won a $3.3 million jackpot last Friday was still in shock when she came in to the Denver claims office a week later, according to state lottery officials.

Identified only by her first name, Yahnique, the big winner purchased the winning ticket at King Soopers located at 1155 South Havana in Aurora.

The winning numbers were 10 14 25 30 31 32. Her total earnings? $3,312,
jd adidas originals Aurora woman quit job days before winning

Yahnique had just resigned from her job as a certified nursing assistant.

“My last day was January 17, but I didn’t have anything lined up yet,” she said.

Yahnique says she’s been playing the lottery for over 30 years. When she asked her husband Bruce to check the computer for the winning numbers, he said he thought it was a practical joke.

Yahnique and Bruce have immediate plans to pay bills and make improvements to their home after winning $3.3 million in the Colorado Lottery. / Colorado Lottery Yahnique and Bruce have immediate plans to pay bills and make improvements to their home after winning $3.3 million in the Colorado Lottery. / Colorado Lottery

“I was highly suspicious but then I thought, there’s no way she could mock up their whole website,” said Bruce. “I mean,
jd adidas originals Aurora woman quit job days before winning
she knows her way around the computer. But not that well.”

adidas original shorts Auri ditches shoes for licensing

adidas red Auri ditches shoes for licensing

Auri Inc., an upscale shoemaker once touted as one of America’s most promising companies by Forbes, has shuttered its line of shoes to focus on licensing its technology to established luxury footwear brands.

The company closed its North Laguna showroom and headquarters earlier this year as part of the move.

Rosenbaum, a Laguna Beach resident,
adidas original shorts Auri ditches shoes for licensing
cited the high costs associated with trade shows, samples, marketing materials, factories,
adidas original shorts Auri ditches shoes for licensing
inventory and being a public company.

He said the decision to move away from manufacturing and branding to licensing cut overhead costs by approximately 80%.

Rosenbaum got the idea for the company while watching a group of beautifully dressed women leave a Las Vegas nightclub, designer shoes in hand not on foot.

It made him wonder what women would do if five inch heels were actually comfortable.

“Why wouldn’t you want fashion shoes that don’t hurt?” he said. “It’s just so obvious.”

It may be obvious, but it’s definitely not easy to brand. Fashion and comfort are like oil and vinegar when it comes to footwear, Rosenbaum said.

“The minute you say ‘comfort shoes’ you think Grandma,
adidas original shorts Auri ditches shoes for licensing
” he said.

His goal was to change that. When he first started his company, he paired technical designers with fashion designers. He admits the collaboration wasn’t easy but eventually they found common footing, no pun intended.

Now he believes the change can happen on a large scale, he said,
adidas original shorts Auri ditches shoes for licensing
and he can help.

“When you buy a luxury brand shoe like a Louboutin it just hurts like hell,” he said. “That’s not true luxury. That’s not. We want to offer true luxury brands.”

He compared it to a five star resort, complete with the most comfortable bed, softest sheets and pillows. What if the bed was hard as a rock? He said people don’t stand for that when they pay for a luxury hotel room,
adidas original shorts Auri ditches shoes for licensing
and they shouldn’t stand for it with luxury shoes either.

Rosenbaum hopes to partner with brands, like Prada, that have a loyal following and brand recognition that could use his technology in some of their shoes.

adidas teamwear Aung San Suu Kyi and the Rohingya

adidas condivo tracksuit Aung San Suu Kyi and the Rohingya

Nobel Peace Prize winners sometimes go on to undistinguished later careers, and some seem to have got the prize by mistake. Barack Obama, for example. But there has never before been one who went on to become a genocidal criminal.

Aung San Suu Kyi, elected leader of Myanmar (formerly Burma), richly deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for her 30 year non violent campaign (much of it spent under house arrest) to restore democracy in the country. Two years ago, when she finally became the de facto prime minister, her reputation was as high as that of Nelson Mandela.

Hardly anybody had noticed an interview she gave in 2013 in which she said that Buddhists in Rakhine province live in fear of Muslim power. You know, the same global power that lets Muslims dominate the world refugee camps. (Muslims make up three quarters of the world refugees, although only a quarter of the world population.)

Back then, this was merely a bizarre remark and Suu Kyi was still a saint. There is now, however, and she is fully complicit in it.

When at least 7,000 Rohingya have been murdered, thousands more have been raped, and 700,000 have fled across the border into Bangladesh, leaving behind another half million of whom many are in centres (concentration camps), you can legitimately call it ethnic cleansing. Or genocide, if you want to get legalistic about it.

The Myanmar government claims that the Rohingya are really illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. It even refuses to use the familiar word any more, insisting on referring to them only as or terrorists. That is a despicable lie.

Rakhine state, between the Arakan mountains and the Indian Ocean, was a separate empire until the Burmese army came over the mountains and conquered it in the late 18th century. Most of its people spoke a dialect of Burmese, but a big minority spoke Rohingya, an Indo Aryan language related to Bengali.

The Rohingya have been in Rakhine at least since the 1660s. The fact that they were Muslims posed no problem for the Buddhist kingdom of Arakan (Rakhine), which was heavily influenced by the Islamic sultanates of eastern India. The Burmese conquerors of Rakhine, and the British empire that followed, didn see the Rohingya as a problem either.

The independent Burmese republic founded in 1948 was different from the start. Only two thirds of Burma 53 million people are Bamar (ethnic Burmese), but most of the other ethnic groups share the same Buddhist religion. Nation building requires a common identity, so Buddhism got the emphasis and the Rohingya, as Muslims, were automatically excluded.

Bit by bit the military regime that had seized power in 1962 took away the Rohingyas land rights, their civil rights, and in 1982 even their citizenship. They were redefined as illegal immigrants, and the local Buddhist population launched occasional pogroms against them.

The anti Rohingya policy always played well with Bamar nationalists, who are obsessed with the alleged threat posed by Islam. (Only four per cent of the country population is Muslim, and only half the Muslims are Rohingya.) It the one regime policy that is genuinely popular with most of the population, so the army resorts to it whenever it hits a rough patch. It losing power now, so it reflexively turns to the old remedy again.

Two years ago you could still argue that a wobbly democratic government led by Aung San Suu Kyi had to pick its battles carefully. The Rohingya was one that it couldn win, so best avoid it and let the military have its way. But that was before it turned into a full blown genocide last August. Tactical calculations of political advantage cannot justify mass murder, and it has become clear that Suu Kyi is willing to ignore mass murder if the victims are Muslims. ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, who has known her for more than 30 years, is close to despair.

changed, he told CNN last week. become, unfortunately, a politician afraid of the military and afraid to make the tough decisions to resolve one of the worst humanitarian crises in history. And (although Richardson didn say this), she also probably feels the same unjustified hatred and fear towards the Rohingyas, and Muslims in general, as the general population.

Meanwhile, the 700,000 Rohingyas suffering in rudimentary refugee camps in Bangladesh have been told that they can start going home next month, but people who have seen their villages razed and family members raped, shot or burned to death are a bit reluctant to trust the Burmese army. Especially when they have no guarantee that they won end up in grim centres back in Rakhine.

Taking the Nobel Peace Prize back from Aung San Suu Kyi wouldn help matters in Rakhine at all, but it would do the standing of the prize a lot of good.
adidas teamwear Aung San Suu Kyi and the Rohingya

adidas pt Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel

adidas predator 2014 Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel

The bell from the former Augustinian Academy, housed in a replica of the school’s bell tower, sits outside the parish office at Our Lady of Good Counsel. The plaque provides a history of the boys high school, which closed in 1969. Church in Tompkinsville is losing its Augustinian identity.

In a letter read at weekend masses, the Rev. Michael Di Gregorio, prior provincial of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, said the move was dictated by the dwindling ranks of friars and a dearth of vocations.

Sadness is the feeling that was expressed with all involved.

“First of all it was sad for me and the people,” said the Rev. Liam O’Doherty,
adidas pt Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel
pastor for six years. “It just happened yesterday [Sunday] for most people. There is still a lot of digesting and getting our heads and hearts around this fact.”

Bishop John O’Hara said for the Archdiocese of New York, the decision came “as a shock.”

“And it certainly comes with great sadness because of the tremendous contribution the Augustinians have made to Staten Island life,” said Bishop O’Hara, Episcopal Vicar of both Staten Island and southern Manhattan.

Parishioner Kelly Farrell Molinari echoed those sentiments.

“The Augustinians are what made Good Counsel different, and a place I wanted to be, a special place to worship,” said Molinari. A member of the parish council, she was married in the parish,
adidas pt Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel
baptized her children there and they have attended its religious education and sports programs.

The Tompkinsville parish was assured in the letter that Cardinal Timothy Dolan had promised to appoint a new pastor.

It will need to be a man of “gentleness, hope and love,” said Bishop O’Hara.

“Father Liam O’Doherty is one of the finest priests in the archdiocese,” he said. “He recognized the talents of the laity and involved them in the mission of the church.”

The ethnically diverse parish is a “welcoming community,” said Bishop O’Hara, with bilingual services in English and Spanish. It’s ministries overseen by parishioners include a food pantry, prayer groups and bereavement ministry. Church in Tompkinsville is grateful that people have been supportive with the announcement the Augustinians would leave the parish. (Staten Island Advance/Virginia N. Sherry)

Father O’Doherty said he was grateful that though people were upset, they were supportive;
adidas pt Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel
there was no anger.

“I am very proud that the first instincts of the lay leaders was to say ‘Let’s put together a task force to welcome the new pastor and to make sure it’s a smooth transition for everyone’,” said the pastor.

Father O’Doherty had also continued the parish’s ecumenical interfaith dialogue with the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center, also in Tompkinsvllle, becoming personal friends with Dr. Tariq Kukiqi, the Imam there.

“In this day and age of polarity, he has built bridges of communication,” said Bishop O’Hara.

On the last Sunday of June, a mass of Thanksgiving is planned for the Augustinian fathers and all they have done for the Island.

“I am going to miss him not only as a colleague but as a friend,
adidas pt Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel
” said Bishop O’Hara.

The Augustinians will remain a part of the New York Archdiocese with St. Nicholas of Tolentine in the Bronx, said Father Di Gregorio in a phone conversation from Villanova, Pa. They will be closing two other parishes in Florida.

The decision to leave OLGC was “absolutely not” influenced by the Archdiocese’s current reorganization of parishes under “Making all Things New,” he said, adding, “The initiative came from the Augustinians.”

“These are not easy decisions,” said Father Di Gregorio. “The parish has produced many Augustinians. I can’t help but think how pained those now deceased friars would be that we’ve come to the end of our long legacy there.”

The decision was even a little more personal for Father Di Gregorio, who said his first mass as a priest at Good Counsel. A native Staten Islander,
adidas pt Augustinian friars will leave Our Lady of Good Counsel
he graduated from Augustinian Academy in 1965 and entered the order from St. Rita’s parish.

“Constrained to make these decisions” by the lack of vocations, he said, the order looked at parishes “where we felt we did a good job and could leave them in good shape, and feel confident we did all that we could.”

adidas retro jacket Augustana Beat Wayne State 84

adidas online shop Augustana Beat Wayne State 84

Playing in their final game before the holiday break, the Augustana women’s basketball team completed the season sweep of Wayne State, downing the Wildcats 84 59 at the Sioux Falls Arena behind 21 points and 10 rebounds from senior Logan O’Farrell.

The win sends the Vikings into the break with a perfect 10 0 overall record, which includes a flawless 6 0 mark in NSIC play, while the Wildcats return home with a 10 4 overall record, 4 2 in conference action.

Augustana won the tip, but the Wildcats got a stop and then scored the game’s first points on their first trip down the floor, only to see the Vikings respond with a 7 0 run to take a lead they would not relinquish.

Leading 16 8 after one quarter,
adidas retro jacket Augustana Beat Wayne State 84
Augie scored six in a row early in the second quarter to stretch the lead to 18 8, a lead that would continue growing throughout the quarter, reaching a high of 18 points at 36 18 after another 6 0 run before the Vikings took a 38 23 lead into the locker room at halftime.

The Wildcats came out swinging in the second half, and managed to cut the lead down to 10 points on two occasions, but it didn’t last long, as the Vikings their foot on the gas, and got the lead back to 18 points at 60 42 after three quarters.

A 10 1 run to start the fourth quarter extended the Vikings lead to 72 48, essentially ending any hopes for a comeback,
adidas retro jacket Augustana Beat Wayne State 84

Along with O’Farrell and her game highs of 21 points and 10 rebounds, the Vikings got 12 points from Paige Peterson off the bench and 10 from Shelby Selland. Lynsey Prosser added nine points, with Naomi Rust and Hana Metoxen both adding eight points.

Kacie O’Connor and Erin Norling both scored 11 points to lead the Wildcats, with Payton Draper adding 10 points in the loss.

Following the holiday break, the Vikings return to action on Saturday, Dec. 30, when they travel to Marshall, Minnesota to take on Southwest Minnesota State,
adidas retro jacket Augustana Beat Wayne State 84
before taking on Sioux Falls on Dec. 31.

adidas safety Augusta basketball to host Georgia Southern Nov

mens adidas hoodies Augusta basketball to host Georgia Southern Nov

AUGUSTA, Ga. (Augusta University Athletics) The Augusta University men’s basketball team will host the ‘Storm the ‘Berry’ exhibition game against Georgia Southern on Friday, Nov. in Christenberry Fieldhouse to raise money and support for hurricane relief.

The effort comes from the NCAA and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) to support areas around the globe that were affected by the recent hurricanes. The NCAA allowed schools to apply for a waiver for a special additional exhibition contest that benefits relief efforts!

“Jaguar Nation is a caring community,” said Augusta University President, Brooks Keel, PhD. “I was so proud of the way we came together to assist those who sought shelter in Augusta during the threat from hurricane Irma. We have another opportunity on November 3 to come together to further assist those who need our help, and at the same time support our outstanding men’s basketball team. We look forward to hosting the Eagles for a game where hurricane victims will be the winners!
adidas safety Augusta basketball to host Georgia Southern Nov

General admission is $10 and all funds will be donated to the American Red Cross. AU and Georgia Southern students are free of charge with a valid university ID, while non Augusta and Georgia Southern students, senior citizens, and military are $5 at the main entrance. Children six and under are free of charge.

“It will be a great opportunity for our players, fans and community to embrace the Hurricane Relief efforts by playing Georgia Southern at the ‘Berry,” head coach Dip Metress said. “Georgia Southern is picked to win their league by many people and feature a very experienced and talented team. By playing back to back games with Clemson and Georgia Southern, hopefully it will prepare us for opening weekend on November ninth and 10 at Barton.”

There will be ‘Storm the ‘Berry’ Adidas t shirts on sale at the game, with all proceeds also going to the American Red Cross.
adidas safety Augusta basketball to host Georgia Southern Nov

adidas dragon shoes August 2015

adidas boxing shoes August 2015

Well I only just getting started with an UWP windows 10 project,
adidas dragon shoes August 2015
so naturally I guessed I would hit some bumps on the road.

But the real first problem I got,
adidas dragon shoes August 2015
was not an easy one to solve. The fix is easy,
adidas dragon shoes August 2015
but I couldn wrap my head around it at first hence this blogpost so maybe others could benefit from it.

Thanks to Scott Lovegrove for helping and testing this what did I want to do,
adidas dragon shoes August 2015
I wanted to change the background of the root grid of a XAML View depending on the Size of the page ( or depending on the Device Family that was viewing the page ).

First can be done with the new Adaptive triggers, second one can be done with a Custom trigger : look at Morten Nielsen his lib on Github.

I then contacted Scott to see if he had an angle I didn try and together we tried several other Setters.

adidas boys trainers Audit outlines personal spending of Hartshorne tax dollars

old school adidas Audit outlines personal spending of Hartshorne tax dollars

While drivers in Hartshorne dodged streets pocked with potholes and watched the uncut grass at Elmwood Cemetery grow high as weeds, some city officials in office at the time were spending the citizen’s tax dollars in other ways.

That’s according to an outline of city of Hartshorne expenditures included in the special investigative report conducted by State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones’ office.

When the money from utility payments that the auditor’s office concludes was never deposited by former City Treasurer Shirley Day is added to money from court fines the audit report states was misappropriated during former City Clerk Dawn Dunkin’s watch along with the amount of personal expenses the audit concludes Dunkin charged on the city of Hartshorne’s credit card the total reaches $1,823,424.06.

That doesn’t include money paid to some city employees under conditions the state auditor’s office deemed questionable. Tuesday, Oct. 24, at the North Ward Elementary School Auditorium. Jones plans to attend the meeting so he can review the findings and is also expected to answer questions from Hartshorne residents.

One section of the state auditor’s report issued Thursday and an accompanying attachment states “City Clerk Dawn Dunkin charged at least $80,083.35 in personal expenditures with the city’s Visa credit card.”

“We found the supporting documentation for credit card transactions to be almost non existent,” the report states. “Because of this, multiple requests and subpoenas were issued to vendors to obtain credible records to document the validity of the transactions incurred.”

“We found no official approval by the City Council for the Visa credit card,” the report continues. “The June 3, 2011, minutes made note of a vote by the council to apply for a card through the city’s bank, but no other mention or approval was found.”

“There was conflicting information as to how many credit cards existed and how many officials used them. However, evidence reflected that only one credit card was used, the one in the name of City Clerk Dawn Dunkin,” the report states.

“Between July 2011 and August 2016, Dawn Dunkin charged 354 personal transactions totaling $80,083.35 on the city’s Visa credit card,
adidas boys trainers Audit outlines personal spending of Hartshorne tax dollars
” the report states. Personal expenditures made with public funds are prohibited by state law, the report notes.

“Dawn Dunkin’s personal federal taxes were paid on the city’s credit card for calendar year 2015 in the amount of $970,” the report states.

The report also references four separate charges totaling $3,389.03 were incurred for a trip to Arlington, Texas. on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico were also reported.

“In June, 2016, Dawn Dunkin, along with 13 other individuals traveled to Cozumel, Mexico,” the report states. “At least $829.75 of vacation costs were paid on the city’s credit card,” according to the state auditor’s report.

The auditor’s report states that in an interview, Dunkin acknowledged she had made personal expenditures with the city’s credit card.

“However, according to Dunkin, the charges she incurred on the Visa card were ‘always approved by the mayor,'” the auditor’s report states.

“Mark Day and Carolyn Trueblood, the two individuals who served as mayor during Dunkin’s personal use of the credit card, both stated that they had not approved for Dunkin,
adidas boys trainers Audit outlines personal spending of Hartshorne tax dollars
or anyone else, to make personal expenditures with the City’s credit card,” the report states.

“Dunkin also represented to the SA that she had paid back ‘everything’ that she had charged for personal use,” the report continues. “According to Dunkin, she made the reimbursement payments to City Treasurer Shirley Day in cash from earnings she had won at casinos. According to Treasurer Day, she never received any credit card reimbursement payments from Dunkin,” the report states.

“We could find no evidence that any reimbursements had been made to the city by Dunkin,” the auditor’s report continues. “One receipt was located at City Hall which reflected that Dunkin had reimbursed the city $2,500 in cash on April 5, 2016, for “Card Services,” the report continues.

Among the items listed in the state auditor’s report as personal expenditures on the card:A total of $8,505.09 for tickets to football, basketball and football games, as well as a concert, during a time period covering from Aug. 6. 2013, to April 16, 2016,
adidas boys trainers Audit outlines personal spending of Hartshorne tax dollars

adidas tracksuit top Auction for drug dealer’s shoe collection ends Friday

mens adidas watches Auction for drug dealer’s shoe collection ends Friday

NEWARK The auction for the collection of shoes owned by a convicted drug dealer ends Friday, with bids nearing$2,000 for the county so far.

The 67 pairs of shoes were confiscated from the home of Kenya Davis, who was found guilty of first degree felony possession of cocaine in August and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The shoes were seized and ordered forfeited as profits of illegal activity and are being auctioned through the Licking County government’s online auction site atThe shoes, which range in size from 10 to 12, are a variety of colors and brands.

Shoes seized from a man convicted of possessing a significant amount of cocaine are being auctioned. (Photo: Submitted photo)

Some of the shoes are from Nike, Adidas,
adidas tracksuit top Auction for drug dealer's shoe collection ends Friday
New Balance, K Swiss and other brands.

The collection is divided into seven different lots for bidding, with six of the lots containing 10 pairs of shoes each and one lot containing seven pairs of shoes. Thursday, the total bids for all seven groupings was more than $1,700 and more than 380 bids had been placed.

Bidding is open until Friday evening.

The money gathered from the sale of the shoes will go to Licking County. The county auctions property seized or forfeited as a resultof criminal convictions, as well as surplus equipment from various county departments, on a monthly basis. Auctions open on the first of every month and run until the 15th of each month.
adidas tracksuit top Auction for drug dealer's shoe collection ends Friday