adidas la Amanda Barrie’s wedding to Hilary Bonner

womens adidas Amanda Barrie’s wedding to Hilary Bonner

Also in it was my third wife, Sabina Franklyn, and Roy Marsden who later went on to play Danny Driscoll in Only Fools and Horses!(You can read all about that in the second part of my autobiography, Boycie and Beyond!)Richard is the epitome of an English gentleman. In his younger days he was famous for being in Colditz, a Boy’s Own adventure story of wartime escapes and one of those TV series everybody sat down together to watch.His co stars included David McCallum and Robert Wagner, who both later went on to star in NCIS, my favourite US crime drama so we took to Twitter with a glass of whiskey to say hello to them.Richard and his lady Belinda, with me and the wife, went on a little day trip to Much Marcle, near Ledbury, to pay our respects to Blanche Mortimer in the church of St. Bartholomew.Blanche was born around 1316 as the youngest child of Sir Roger Mortimer, an infamous medieval nobleman. In 1347 she died, her passing marked by what is now regarded as one of the most beautiful memorials in a medieval English church.So well made is the memorial that it has only recently had its first major refurbishment.Colditz stars Anthony Valentine, Christopher Neame, Richard Heffer and Paul Chapman in 1973.During the building works it was discovered that instead of being buried below ground she was resting in a lead envelope within the stone box. She was very young when she died and her husband honoured her with this extraordinary tomb, the effigy carved from Herefordshire stone with tiny buttons up each sleeve and a rosary in her hands. Once, it was highly coloured and traces of paint tell us that her dress was blue.Blanche’s father Sir Roger was one of history’s bad guys, having had an affair with Edward II’s Queen Isabella, and being executed for treason.There’s a fascinating book titled The Greatest Traitor by Roger Mortimer no relation that tells his amazing story, and it transpires that Roger’s body may be interred in the ruins of his great abbey.
adidas la Amanda Barrie's wedding to Hilary Bonner

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