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The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is the world’s preeminent facility for millimeter and submillimeter wave astronomy with transformational capabilities to study the origin of galaxies, stars and planets. ALMA consists of 66 antennas located on the Chajnantor plateau, 5000 meters altitude in northern Chile, and equipped with receivers covering atmospheric windows between 30 and 950 GHz. ALMA is a partnership of ESO (representing its member states), NSF (USA) and NINS (Japan), together with NRC (Canada), MOST and ASIAA (Taiwan), and KASI (Republic of Korea), in cooperation with the Republic of Chile.

ESO, NSF and NINS have each designated an Executive (ESO, AUI/NRAO and NAOJ, respectively), as their legal representatives, to carry out and manage tasks and responsibilities on their behalf. The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) in Chile, staffed by the Executives and headed by the ALMA Director,
adidas predator football boots ALMA Director
provides the unified management and leadership of ALMA operations and development. The ALMA Board, responsible for governance and oversight and consisting of members representing the parties, Executives and astronomy community, invites applications for the position of ALMA Director. The successful applicant will be expected to take up the post on 1 April 2018, when the current ALMA Director completes his term.

The ALMA Director will be employed by either ESO or AUI/NRAO or NAOJ. Each of these organizations offers attractive remuneration packages including a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and financial support in relocating families. The duty station is Santiago, Chile, and frequent travel to the ALMA observatory sites, other locations within Chile, and internationally is required. The Director must be able to function at the altitudes of the observatory and support facility sites (5000 m and 3000 m respectively).

A search committee has been constituted by the ALMA Board to evaluate applications for the ALMA Director position, and to recommend a short list of candidates for Board consideration. Interested candidates should submit their curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, and the names of three references who may be contacted about the qualifications of the candidate, to the Chair of the search committee Dr. The same email address should be used for any questions related to the position.
adidas predator football boots ALMA Director

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