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adidas grand prix Alumni and associates

Butler has a growing reputation as a props stylist and accessories designer with her own company, Fred Butler Style. She works with art directors, stylists and photographers to create imaginative one off pieces for fashion stories to enhance the aesthetic of fashion shoots. She has also designed for singers Bjrk, Beth Ditto and Nicki Minaj.

During her studies at Brighton she undertook an internship with designer, Shona Heath and New York design collective As Four. Butler said: It was the first time I’d met people with the same aesthetic as me. It was exciting”.

As part of their 2012 Olympic celebrations, sportswear company Adidas, chose Butler as one of nine designers to take part in ‘Miadidas Customisers’, a real time art project uniting artists and designers with athletes and fans from around the world to produce unique customised shoes embodying a winning moment at the Games.

At the London Autumn/Winter Fashion Week show in 2012 she offered an experience bringing together fashion, music and art described by a member of the fashion press as “A psychedelic approach to color and boundary defying perspective, create accessory focused art pieces, completely unique within the current day fashion landscape.”
www.adidas.co.uk Alumni and associates

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