adidas originals gazelle London leaves one woman dead

adidas trail London leaves one woman dead

Massive fire on Daleham Gardens NW3! Woke up and thought our house was on fire, looked out of the window and saw this.

The LFB said fire had damaged part of the first, second and third floors of the building.

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Pictures posted on social media showed flames leaping from the building roof, the whole of which was damaged.

A brigade spokesman said: rescued a woman from the building but sadly she was pronounced dead at the scene. Around 20 people left the flats before the brigade arrived. fire was brought under control by 5am, although firefighters remained at the scene and motorists were advised to avoid the area.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation, the LFB said.

Fire fighters could be seen on the roof of the block of flats at 7.30am, a column of smoke still rising past them.

Hoses snaked up nearby Akenside Road through several lines of police cordons which separate the surrounding streets from the scene of the blaze.

The roof of the building had been completely ravaged by the overnight blaze,
adidas originals gazelle London leaves one woman dead
leaving only blackened fragments jutting out.

Firefighters surveyed the scene of the fire from an extendable platform attached to a crane.

One window of the building, which appeared to have been opened, had also been left black.

Firefighters at the scene where a woman died earlier today (Picture: National)

A blackened window can be seen in the block of flats where the woman died (Picture: National)

Retired teacher Aura Romero said she fled from her Daleham Gardens flat with no time to fetch her shoes after being woken in the middle of the night by a concerned neighbour.

The 72 year old, originally from Colombia, said: was already asleep in bed when it happened.

An investigation is taking place to find out how the fire started (Picture: National)

was able to get dressed but there was no time for shoes, I was walking around in the street in my socks until a gentleman gave me a coat and some shoes.

She said she had lived in the property for 42 years, having originally only expected to stay for three months, and took advantage of a buy to let scheme to purchase the former council flat.
adidas originals gazelle London leaves one woman dead

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