adidas astro La Bella Sicilia is comfort Italian at its best

adidas training wear La Bella Sicilia is comfort Italian at its best

La Bella Sicilia has been around for what seems like forever. It’s one of those “comfortable shoe” joints no surprises, yet consistent food and service.

The menu is part pizzeria/part Italian restaurant, and despite always being busy, the staff gets folks in and out without making them feel rushed. It’s why you’ll see many families with small kids throughout the dining room.

With entrees starting at $13.50 for the likes of chicken parmigiana to $17 for veal scaloppini a la margarita (veal cutlet layered with eggplant, ham and melted cheese), dinners are not in the cheap eats realm.

For cheap, look to other sections of the menu. Under pasta, you’ll find spaghetti or ziti with sauce starting at $6.50 with prices to $8 for pasta with mushroom or meat sauce, or an added meatball or sausage. Pasta with broccoli is $9.50.

Under homebaked (think melted cheese), selections start at $8.50 for baked ziti to $9.25 for lasagna, cheese ravioli or meat tortellini.

A half eggplant sub is one of the many sandwich choices at La Bella Sicilia. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

Subs (whole or half), start at $3.50 for a half tuna to $8.50 for a whole veal parmigiana. Sub choices include standards like assorted ($7.50/$4) and meatball parmigiana ($7.50/$4) to the classic Italian peppers and eggs ($6.50/$3.25).

From the fryer,
adidas astro La Bella Sicilia is comfort Italian at its best
a fried chicken or a shrimp dinner is $9.25 and includes fries and salad. A Friday fish fry is $10.25 with fries and coleslaw.

Because we were starving, we had a small “fasula” soup ($3) and chef salad ($3.50) which arrived with La Bella’s trademark bread a long loaf served warm with foil butter packs.

The small soup was really a bowl loaded with a variety of beans and pasta in a delicate tomato broth.

La Bella Sicilia has been in business for 40 years at 2909 Genesee St. in Cheektowaga. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

The chef salad is a La Bella original. It’s a larger bowl of iceberg lettuce tossed in Italian dressing and topped with loads of tomatoes, garbanzos and sliced green olives. We don’t know what they do to it, but it’s always delicious.

Antipastos (regular and vegetarian) are $7 small/$9 large. A julienne is $7.

From the homebaked section, SigO went between Ziti La Bella baked with sweet peppers and mushrooms ($9.25) but ended up with the basic baked ziti ($8.50).

My lasagna was a surprise, but in a good way. Instead of a brick cut from a pan, it seems La Bella makes individual lasagna by layering the meat, ricotta and pasta right in a metal baking dish.

Our cute waitress needed makeshift paper plate potholders to serve our piping hot dishes both topped with gooey melted mozzarella.

Bonnie Mach, right, serves Gene, left, and Inge Raecher,
adidas astro La Bella Sicilia is comfort Italian at its best
of Ellicottville. They drove from Ellicottville just to eat lunch at La Bella Sicilia. Inge loves their wine sauce. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

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