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Well, it been several years, lets start jump back into the swing of things.

Oh yes, I have other blogs/journals, every social network comes with it own inbuilt blog these days, but they dont feel like real blogs. And I never really felt at home at livejournal. I still have massive affection for this old thing and even though my circumstances in life may have changed (if not progressed) I still an irrepressible gobshite.

Let do something about that.

“TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE: Some photos taken on Sunday the 17th October, 2004. I went out in my city, Newcastle upon Tyne, the plan was to head to the river. I got there about the same time as my supply of film ran out. I wanted to take pictures of the town for a personal record and I was worried that I might not get any decent weather for the rest of the year. Thankfully, It was just damp enough to keep other people away, and there was a very nice sunset, although it doesn t show up much on the photos”.
adidas trainers white L A S T B R O A D C A S T

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