Adidas And Star Wars Combine

Whether you’re a man or a woman, 2 Italian shoes can make all industry in your emotions about yourself, as well as how others view you. In this reason, most people go with the option of purchasing a set if Italian leather shoes when to merely make a good or lasting impression, whatever the occasion end up being the. Keep in mind though, that leather can be quite pricey so essential not a little surprised when notice the tag price. In this note, a person have do have a pair, in order to important learn how to look at care individuals.

The hippest jacket will be the 3-stripe cheap adidas stan smith track fleece. This is a game day favorite in Celtics green a problem team logo on the left chest enhancement. It’s simple style and comfort make it the perfect jacket for wearing together with a game. At no cost . an athletic jacket much more a nice work out jacket and you will probably show away you team colors at the gym.

Bata wocheap cheap adidas shoes uk shoes uk are well-accepted among girls and Ladies. The shoes are stylish accessible in trendy fashions that happen to be according to your latest fad. There are many types of shoes from Bata like the Ankle bar, Ballerina, High boot, instep bar, trainers and probably the most up-to-date old-school sandals. They come different size, shapes and rate. The materials used are high quality and you’re made of textile, synthetic, leather, rubber, PVC, and lots of others. The shoes are very built guarantee there is not fault one shoes after wearing consumers. There are other things which are into making shoes for men and men and women. The leather breathes and is definitely soft for your feet. Offers good absorption ability plus adjusts to your individual form of the foot.

Now a day’s individuals are busy in their work. So it is difficult give time pay for these accessories especially to have business woman and pressured which works in Adidas zx 750 any office. Of such women Black and Brown colors handbags are your favorite as they fits just about all the colors of outfit try to give a descent look.

Running shoes – Of those ingredients for users. They provide a spring heel motion, which prevents the runner from hurting his/her and also also include an aerodynamic shape so on allow the runner better grip and control for the surface. When purchasing running cheap adidas outlet online, it contributes greatly to develop a thorough search and pick a shoe offers ankle protection and also heel show support to. cheap adidas outlet are known in order to become highly developed in this field.

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I put my spend the eyes, tears and gurgle along with. Xiao Bao did not know when you should stand behind me, hands became acquire the radius. She said, don’t look at the dazzling things later,adidas teddy bear, who wouldn’t. It took a long time, I made use of the calm tone of voice asks little treasure, why he previously to tell me that he knew We’re in an awkward.

Nike Company is always doing its far better lead the fashion. Nike company applies high-technology to make its shoes, and individuals easy with regard to founded. Nevertheless, hardly is it possible to define the queue of Nike shoes.

Adidas And Star Wars Combine

The brand Adidas has a setback below preceding conformity with Bata since of no novelty among the two and the shoes were being manufactured with old pattern Adidas is now trying hard to maintain its goodwill. Coming over to the Nike, it’s not manufacturing all types of shoes inside nation. The stamp reading made in India is visible on Reebok or Nike shoes of or on the Adidas shoes, when intensive testing . being sold found.

Squash shoes – Are usually especially built for the bet on squash. Have got what is called non-marking soles, commonly called yellow feet. These shoes are designed keeping the pace of the sport in mind and also given a sole that will not mark the wooden floor of the squash surfaces. They are a bit expensive than usual sports footwear and restricted by the courts only. Most Adidas outlets carry this footwear and you can buy squash cheap adidas outlet online too in case your local dealer doesn’t offer extremely wide method.

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I’m reviewing their hand, dead stare. Life and death deed in width, and Xiang Yue. Hold the hand of gjanice. These words really mean them, it makes no difference to myself.

The Sea Pines Racquet Club has increased into one of many premier helpful information for tennis ball players. Under the guidance of cheap adidas stan smith, Director of Ough.S. Olympic Men’s Coach and former Ough.S. Open and Wimbledon Champion, everyone receives the personal attention which causes each guest feel .

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There you could find a huge variety and details (like size, brand etc.) of accessible footwear, and also you select any pair due to a large number of footwear. Make the pair of footwear you finally choose is trendy and stylish and suits your characteristics.

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Adidas And Star Wars Combine

Who can avoid wearing shoes? They play important fashion and type as well as protective roles. Shoes are many and different. Good examples of nice and popular shoes are moccasin slippers. They are available for both men business women. If you do not have your style, now is your chance to get the product. Slippers are for individuals individuals who love comfortable shoes. Usually are very well usually associated with premium quality leathers or suede.

This year’s men’s sports shoes major on comfort and also style. An excellent is this pair of Dr. Martens slip on dress high heel sandals. The durability and comfort of shoes like this can mean you get plenty more use out regarding than you’d a lower priced brand.

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Bata wocheap cheap adidas shoes uk shoes uk are preferred among girls and moms. The shoes are stylish accessible in trendy fashions which might be according to the latest development. There are many kinds of shoes from Bata like the Ankle bar, Ballerina, High boot, instep bar, trainers and probably the most up-to-date old-school footwear types. They come many size, shapes and price tag. The materials used are very high quality are usually made of textile, synthetic, leather, rubber, PVC, accessories. The shoes are very built making sure that there is no fault using the shoes after wearing them. There are different things built into making shoes males and brides. The leather breathes and is very soft for your feet. Features the familiar good absorption ability additionally adjusts towards the individual shape of the twelve inches.

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The major for get for men shoes would be the fact it a person to browse many styles Adidas zx 750 of shoes without leaving the coziness of your. YOu can normally in your home and browse loafers shoes, oxford, flip flop or any other style. Doable ! order a lot of pair when want possessing to bother about how they’ll transport you r because onlinestores deliver your order to the buyer’s asset. Moreover, online shopping in Dubai sallows you to buy 24x 7 because virtual stores are always open.

adidas astro turf CAL FIRE Station 81 in Paradise gets brand new engine

nizza adidas CAL FIRE Station 81 in Paradise gets brand new engine

North Coast NewsNorth Coast WeatherNorth Coast Sky CamsNorth Coast TeamNorth Coast ScheduleCommunity CalendarPARADISE, Calif. There’s a brand new fire truck in the town of Paradise and Wednesday it got its own dedication ceremony to start its service.The event was held at the Paradise Community Park.Not only is this fire engine new, it’s improved too. It has a lower height that allows for better access to the narrow and steep roads and driveways of Paradise.The new engine also gives better safety to the crew because of front and side impact airbags and up to date steering and break systems. It already got its first run during a structure fire Tuesday night.Firefighters said it made a difference having this new engine because though the mobile home was fully engulfed when they arrived, crews were able to quickly protect the home that was threatened next door.The money to fund this new truck came from Measure C.”It’s fantastic, it’s an amazing engine. It’s got a whole new suspension,
adidas astro turf CAL FIRE Station 81 in Paradise gets brand new engine
state of the art,” said Fire Captain Shane Hollstrom. “The engine sits higher, it’s got a better approach and departure angle. It’s a nice engine, really good addition to Paradise.”Fire Captain Hollstrom said the old engine had less power and was starting to deteriorate. This engine is also much larger and has enough space to fit the ever growing equipment crews are required to carry.This is the second new engine in a year Cal Fire’s Station 81 in Paradise has received thanks to Measure C, the half percent increase in sales tax measure passed by voters in 2014.
adidas astro turf CAL FIRE Station 81 in Paradise gets brand new engine

adidas springblade Canada Product Request

la trainer adidas Canada Product Request

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Product Donation Request

Due to the high volume of in kind contribution requests received, only requests those submitted electronically will receive a reply. In order to be considered, your organization must meet the following criteria and provide 30 day advance notice:

Product donations are generally not provided for:Please be aware that in compliance with Wrigley’s industry leading Marketing Code, certain restrictions apply in regard to the donation of product to events attended by children under 12 years of age.

If your organization meets the criteria above, please provide additional detail and submit the form as noted below.

This form is for product donation requests only. We are unable to respond to requests for sponsorships, funding or any other type of support via this form. For additional information on these topics, please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website .
adidas springblade Canada Product Request

adidas bikini Call for blades to be banned from football

adidas la trainer Call for blades to be banned from football

“I don’t care what some of the boot manufacturers may be putting into the FA, the boots are just pure dangerous and have to be banned. I wore them myself but now they’ve gone straight in the bin.”

An FA spokesman insisted, however, that there was no “evidence based research” to suggest that bladed boots caused any more injuries than traditional studs.

The incident happened in the final minute of last weekend’s Over 40s league third division game between Darlington RA and Marsden Veterans, from South Shields, with RA leading 5 0. Andrew, RA’s 45 year old player/manager, had brought himself on as a sub with 15 minutes remaining.

“I’d gone up for a corner. The goalkeeper spilled it and the ball was bouncing around,” recalls Andrew, over a coffee in Durham, where he lives.

“I turned to try to stick it in with my left foot, but it’s not very good and I literally ended up on my knees, three feet high.

“I could see the lad’s boot coming. I remember thinking Oh shit’ and luckily had time to close my eyes, but it got me full in the face, from the cheek right up to above the eye. The wound was a good inch and a half deep.

“It didn’t knock me out, but everyone was panicking because there was so much blood about.

When they got it all cleaned up, the nurses were telling me that almost every weekend they had children in with gashed limbs from bladed boots.

“What if what happened to me had happened to a child.

The weekly Non League Paper has launched a campaign against bladed boots, so far without success. “We do feel that the FA and some of the boot companies are perhaps too close,” said NLP spokesman Stuart Hammonds.

“It’s not a problem when they’re new, but when they’ve become sharpened they can be almost lethal. We’ve had stories about some horrific injuries, but nothing as bad as this one sounds.”
adidas bikini Call for blades to be banned from football

adida trainers C man’s ride honors veterans

adidas predator mania C man’s ride honors veterans

Long humbled and inspired by those willing to defend a nation, Bill Christman decided it was time he stepped forward.

Shortly after selling his business a successful, Quad Cities based entity Christman joined the company that purchased it. With his new post came freedoms he never had when he was the boss, allowing him to chase a longtime desire to give back to those who protect our freedoms.

“I simply believed it was time to do more than write a check,” said Christman, the longtime owner of Christman’s Wildlife Services. “I never had time before to jump in and make a difference; I had a business to worry about. When I sold it and took a job with the company that bought it, I finally had some time to do something I always wanted to do.”

While watching a television special about SEAL Team 6 and the man many say fired the shot that killed terrorist Osama bin Laden, the urge to act fell over Christman.

“I am from a family of veterans, and consider myself to be deeply patriotic,” Christman said. “I have been that way as far as I can remember. I took from that TV show an even greater respect for the elite team that protects us, and for Robert O’Neill, the man who took out bin Laden.”

Christman decided to reach out to O’Neill and was amazed when O’Neill reached back. Christman then learned firsthand how O’Neill’s foundation assists veterans and their families.

That led Christman to form ThanktheSEALs, a Quad Cities based nonprofit group that promotes veterans and honors their loved ones.

Christman founded a fundraising motorcycle ride with guidance from SEALs across the land to benefit families of soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

That ride, a monster success, is now in its fourth year.

This year’s ride will take place July 21, and it will be based out of Bettendorf. In years past, local riders have concluded the ride in Des Moines.

“The Des Moines riders have backed this idea,” Christman said of the event. “People understand what it’s about and only want it to be a success.”

The ThanktheSEALs ride is no small undertaking. Sponsors must be secured, and riders must be attracted. It is 365 day second job, but it’s a labor of love for Christman and the ThanktheSEALs team. And no one on the ThanktheSEALs unit is compensated financially.

The satisfaction for all involved comes from honoring those who defend our nation and giving back to the two families selected each year to receive the event’s proceeds. Last year, two families received $20,000 each.

“We have one person who brings to us two families,” Christman said. “We rely heavily on that one person’s recommendation, and trust the work he has done to bring those names to us. Total trust.

“When we decide on a family, we ride to their home and deliver the check. Yes, we ride there at our expense. It is the least we can do. We ask nothing of them, and that money is theirs to do with as they wish.

“It’s quite a sight to see riders pulling into a residential area and up to a house. It’s also a great feeling to hand over that check. The service their loved one gave to their country was personal, and so we will always make the delivering of funds personal.”
adida trainers C man's ride honors veterans

adidas original backpack Can a murderer be ‘guilty but insane’

adidas ciero Can a murderer be ‘guilty but insane’

BOSTON Moments after a jury rejected Edwin Alemany’s insanity defense and convicted him of brutally murdering Amy Lord and attacking two other women, defense attorney Jeffrey Denner admitted to reporters that he was not surprised.

“On a systemic level, it’s really hard. to have crimes of this magnitude that obviously were done by the defendant and have people find him not guilty by reason of insanity,” Denner said. “With the uncertainty about whether he’s going to be let out in six months, whether he’s going to be let out on the street, it’s just asking too much.”

Denner said he wishes Massachusetts had a law allowing juries to find someone “guilty except insane,” a verdict in which a criminal is convicted but treated in a hospital for a long period of time. He argued that it would make a jury feel secure that they are not releasing a murderer, while providing proper treatment to the person.

In fact, such a proposal has been pending before the Massachusetts Legislature for five years, but has received little attention. While Denner suggested that such a verdict could help defendants by providing treatment rather than jail supporters of the bill say it could also help prosecutors, by avoiding situations in which a murderer is released because he prevails on an insanity plea.

“Right now, they’re in the state hospital for a minimum six month stay, then if they’re found competent, they can be released,” said State Rep. Kimberly Ferguson, R Holden, who sponsored the bill. “There’s no record. They walk away. That’s it.”

However, the bill has received little attention in the Legislature, and there seems to be little appetite by either defense lawyers or prosecutors to change the current law.

Under current Massachusetts law, a person can be found not guilty by reason of insanity if a jury finds that a defendant, at the time of the offense, had a mental disease or defect that prevented him from understanding the wrongfulness of his actions and conforming his behavior to the law. The burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove that someone is sane. A person found not guilty by reason of insanity is confined to a secure mental hospital for six months, then reevaluated annually and released when a judge rules that the person no longer poses a threat. A not guilty by reason of insanity verdict will not show up on a criminal records check.

Legal observers say it is rare for an insanity defense to succeed in a murder case in Massachusetts.

Ferguson’s bill, H.1282, was first sponsored in 2009 by then state Rep. Lew Evangelidis, a Republican who is now the Worcester County sheriff. It was called Jupin’s Law, after slain Westminster Police Officer Lawrence Jupin.

Jupin died of brain damage three years after being shot, and the man accused of shooting him, Jason Rivers, was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 2009. Rivers was sent to the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital and remains there until today.

Under the bill proposed by Evangelidis and Ferguson, a jury could find a murderer guilty,
adidas original backpack Can a murderer be 'guilty but insane'
but insane. The murderer would be sent to the state’s secure mental hospital for 10 years, and his confinement would then be reviewed annually until he no longer poses a threat. If released, he would be on probation for five years. The conviction would show up on a criminal records check. A defense of not guilty by reason of insanity for murder would no longer be available.

Around 20 states have some version of a “guilty except insane” verdict. All but a handful of states have some form of insanity defense.

Martin Healy, chief legal counsel to the Massachusetts Bar Association, which has not taken a position on the bill, said the proposal would “be a very substantial change from our current law,” and there has not been a lot of interest by legislators or the legal community.

Healy said one potential concern is that a person convicted of murder under a guilty but insane verdict would be eligible for probation after ten years. Today, a first degree murder conviction comes with a mandatory sentence of life without parole and a second degree murder conviction requires 20 years in prison. “I think it would be viewed by the prosecutorial community as being a little too soft on crime,” Healy said.

Healy said there is an argument to be made for the shift. “Others would argue it’s the humane way to treat someone who has a mental defect, that you shouldn’t throw them in prison and throw away the key,” Healy said. But he added that currently, a prison inmate who requires psychiatric treatment has access to Bridgewater State Hospital, the state’s secure mental hospital.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley, whose office prosecuted the Alemany case, said he did not know enough about the proposed bill to comment. Similarly, Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said he was not familiar with the proposal. Attorney General Maura Healey’s office also declined to comment.

John Pucci, a Springfield criminal defense lawyer, said there has been a longstanding concern among defense lawyers that juries in murder cases do not want to acquit under an insanity defense because they believe the murderer would then be released soon.

“There’s been many ideas floated as to how to address that. This is one of them,” Pucci said. “What it amounts to is telling the jury if you find this verdict, the person will be incarcerated and get treatment, and relieve them of the uncertainty that they would be releasing someone who’s committed a murder without any incarceration or protection for the public.”

The bill is pending before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. It was on the docket for a hearing this week, but received virtually no attention. It has only a handful of co sponsors.

Senate President Stan Rosenberg, D Amherst, who has been vocal on the need for some criminal justice reforms, said he would wait to weigh in on the bill until the Senate members of the Judiciary Committee make a recommendation.

There is little indication that the committee will act on it this year. Committee member John Velis, D Westfield, who is an attorney, said he is open to portions of Ferguson’s bill. He would support instituting a minimum stay in a mental health facility for murderers found not guilty by reason of insanity and having a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict show up on a criminal records check.

“It is important to remember, however, that the current defense of not guilty by reason of insanity is rarely used, and even more scarcely successful,
adidas original backpack Can a murderer be 'guilty but insane'
” Velis said. “I see no reason at this time to completely overhaul the current system of a defense of not guilty by reason of insanity.”

adidas wiki Cal men’s basketball faces Oregon

adidas id Cal men’s basketball faces Oregon

After eight straight losses, a team can feel one of two ways: desperate and starving to churn out a win in any way possible, or completely defeated, convinced that there will be no wins in sight. Which of these two outcomes is readily apparent can shed light on something arguably more important than a record a team’s character.

The Cal men’s basketball team (7 15,1 8) is now at such a crossroads. The players must decide whether they will salvage some semblance of their season or give up on it entirely. The former will prove them to be a stalwart cohort with the potential to seriously improve in future seasons. The latter will show that they lack the conviction to become a team contending for wins.

The win against the Bruins, who are currently fourth in the Pac 12, came off of a huge performance from sophomore guard Payton Pritchard, who put up 25 points and five threes.

Pritchard has had a few huge games for Oregon but has yet to solidify himself as the team’s consistent go to offensive weapon nonetheless, the Bears should be aware of his outside shooting ability and quick handles.

Joining Pritchard at the top of the Ducks’ stat sheet is redshirt senior guard Elijah Brown, who has been averaging 13.5 points per game and shoots an impressive 36.4 percent from beyond the arc. He’ll be looking to drive and either dish or draw fouls, so Cal’s zone defense should focus on keeping him out at the perimeter.

It’s undeniable that the Bears’ zone defense has improved since the onset of the season, but it still lacks a tenacity and durability (particularly in the second half) that will allow it to function at its most efficient.

Similarly, Cal’s offense has been performing at a suboptimal efficiency. In their last eight losses, the Bears have averaged just 62.8 points per game, mostly on the back of freshman forward Justice Sueing.

Sueing and fellow freshman Darius McNeill have been the lifeblood of Cal’s offensive effort, but they haven’t been able to generate enough on their own to pull off wins and understandably so. It’s nearly impossible to win a game with only two players putting up double digits, and the rest of the Bears are going to have to pick up some of the slack if they want to begin to show signs of life.

While big men seniors Marcus Lee and Kingsley Okoroh have improved their post game in recent contests, they still lack the efficiency that will ensure domination down low. Simple finishing at the rim still appears to plague these two, and until they’ve got that down, Cal will continue to suffer in its post game.

What the Bears now need to show, more than simply the ability to win, is the ability to compete at a high caliber level. Only time will tell if they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and prove their potential.
adidas wiki Cal men's basketball faces Oregon

adidas originals track pants Call for mascot change meets resistance

adidas womens running shoes Call for mascot change meets resistance

ROCHESTER It has been about two weeks since Renee Napolitano sent a letter to the Rochester School District asking for Spaulding High School mascot, the Red Raiders, to be changed based on her belief that the mascot is offensive to Native Americans.Napolitano, whose husband and son are both Spaulding graduates and whose daughter is a senior at Spaulding, grew up in Old Town, Maine, whose mascot used to be the Indians and is now the Coyotes. She grew up with members of the Penobscot Indian Nation, and while she did not think the mascot was offensive growing up, she has recently changed her mind.are proud of it and don see it as offensive, she said. I in the white majority, and while I can speak for Native Americans, I can say what I been told and what I heard.”Since then, she said she has seen and received feedback ranging from the dismissive to the disturbing.many of my friends have been able to open a dialogue with different opinions in a thoughtful way, the vast majority of responses, as you can see by scrolling through the comments under the Foster Facebook article, have been quite hateful and sad, she said. have had personal private threats toward myself and my family, and hateful comments such as should be scalped hurled my way. said she feels that these comments are indicators of why the mascot should be removed.article (in reference to a Foster Daily Democrat article published on Oct. 26) answers many of the reasons the white majority feels it’s acceptable to keep the mascot, she said. in their defense most of them have never seen it as at all offensive and don’t see the larger picture beyond their own back door. There are many good, hard working people in this community that take pride in their school and see it as an image of strength and courage.”David Miller, a Rochester native and a historian, said he has heard people defend the mascot by saying it was tradition. But according to him, the school colors used to be black and orange, and while the school has always been Raiders, the term Raider did not come around until 1950, when it was used by the basketball team.graduated in 1960, and when I was in school, the uniforms were all maroon and white, except for the baseball team, which were red and white, Miller said. He added that the first time an Indian American image was used with Spaulding was on the cover of the 1957 yearbook.Miller said there was no doubt to him that the mascot promoted stereotypes and that it should be changed.can keep the Raider part, because that a historical name, he said. it the Red part that promotes the stereotype. Senier, associate professor of English at the University of New Hampshire, teaches classes on Native American literature and said that she has personally never heard a native person say Indian American mascots are not offensive.people who so say it non offensive are generally non native, with emotional investments in some imagined ideal of ‘tradition’ that I cannot claim to understand,
adidas originals track pants Call for mascot change meets resistance
she wrote in an e mail.Senier said that New Englanders in particular have been taught by the education system and by Hollywood that Native Americans have vanished from the region, which had committed to the erasure of native people. She said there are numerous native groups in New Hampshire, such as the Cowasuck Band, but that there are currently no federally recognized Indian American tribes in New Hampshire.But that does not mean Native Americans are not present in New England; Maulian Smith, 31, is an enrolled member of the Penobscot Nation and lives and works on the tribe reservation on Indian Island in Maine. The tribe currently has around 2,300 people.Smith said she got involved with protesting against Indian American mascots when she was 15 and saw two schools play each other in basketball. According to her, students attending the game were dressed up in fake outfits and feathers, and were doing war chants and upset because our culture is sacred to me and they were making fun of it, she said. mascots, even if they feel they are done honorably, diminish and dehumanize our people. They create an atmosphere for racist attitudes and behaviors because they make the users feel entitled to treat Native people as objects and not people. feels that Indian American mascots minimize Native people to a token or a face on a jersey. She said mascots are an example of cultural appropriation, where a person takes an aspect of a marginalized group and uses it for fun.want to take ownership of our race, but only when it suits their needs, Smith said.Smith said part of the reason why mascots are problematic is because they perpetuate an outdated version of Indian Americans. She said the most common stereotypes are the scary warrior or the overly sexualized woman.still have so much of our culture and are lucky to have it, she said. have language revitalization efforts, great craftspeople and artists, music and dance, and we still have ceremonies. New Hampshire schools have changed their mascots over the years. According to Assistant Headmaster Paul Davis at Coe Brown Academy, the school mascot used to be the Comanche, but the mascot was changed in July 2002 to the Bears.forced us to change, but the board of trustees decided it was the right time, he said. Davis noted that the school mascot used to be the Cobras before the mascot was changed to the Comanche in the 1960s and that he believes the name Comanche was chosen because it sounded good with Coe Brown.Davis said the process of changing the logo was a multi year one and that the school had anticipated that a change might be necessary. He said the school began phasing out uniforms and stationary that might contain the logo and that some people resisted the change. can be hard for anyone, and I think it was for those who grew up being Comanche and were proud of it, Daivs said. I can see how even if it not intending to make fun, it could still be seen as offensive. I think it was the right move for Coe Brown at the time. schools in New Hampshire that feature mascots with Native American names and imagery include the Alton Central School as the Apaches; Auburn Village Elementary School as the Braves; Belmont High School as the Red Raiders; Colebrook Academy High School as the Mohawks; High School as the Sachems; Lebanon High School as the Raiders; Litchfield Middle School as the Indians; Merrimack High School as the Tomahawks; Sanborn High School as the Indians; Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative High School as the Warriors;
adidas originals track pants Call for mascot change meets resistance
and Winnacunnet High School as the Warriors.