adidas predators 2002 ‘He has to deal with’ what he did

adidas superstar blue ‘He has to deal with’ what he did

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Updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 11:22 PM

The “Jane Doe” accusing Derrick Rose of rape and suing him for $21.5 million said that despite his game face, the Knicks guard is “in a bad place” and “has to deal with” what he did to her.

“I think he must be in a bad place with everything that happened to me. I just feel like knowing that he was able to do what he did, he has to deal with that,” the 30 year old California woman told the Daily News. “He has to deal with that. He has to deal with what he did to me with his friends. I think that alone is a huge deal for him whether he’s showing it or not.”

The woman said there were two Roses: the one she saw in their private moments, and the one who takes over after he gets around his friends.

“The person I met is different from what happened, than what transpired after we stopped talking,” she added. “I just think he’s in a bad place and I know that he’s confused and his environment has really influenced his actions and his understanding of what’s right and wrong.”

Phil Jackson ignored probe of Rose’ rape suit before Knicks trade

“I have two views of him,” the accuser said.

“It’s almost like there are two different identities. 4 his 28th birthday on charges that he and two of his friends sexually assaulted the woman when she was passed out.

She alleges that Rose, a former league MVP, and two other men, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, gang raped her at her home in the early hours of Aug. 27,
adidas predators 2002 'He has to deal with' what he did
2013, forcing their way in after she drank so much she vomited and later blacked out.

Derrick Rose rape accuser invokes Knick’s college SAT scandal

Rose and the defense claim she let them inside her apartment and willingly had sex.

Hampton and Allen were also named as defendants.

Derrick Rose while with the Bulls. (Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP)

Despite the acrimonious back and forth, the unidentified woman has nearly kind words for Rose, views she said were forged from a two year relationship with the all star point guard.

She also said her parents knew nothing about the relationship or the lawsuit.

Derrick Rose kept asking gang rape accuser for foursome

She told The News that she wants to keep it that way, which is why she is hoping Rose settles before the case goes to trial.

The woman said she doesn’t want to risk her name going public.

“I just don’t know who knows,” she said.

“I just don’t know when I look around, and when I see people staring at me, I don’t know if they’re staring at me what their reason is. I never had those thoughts before. Now I think about whether they know who I am, whether they’ve seen something online or somebody told them something and they don’t like me.”

Derrick Rose gang rape accuser’s texts prove she’s lying: lawyers

Although she is suing Rose for millions, she insists she’s no gold digger.

“When he sat at that deposition for all those hours, he never said anything that implied me as a money chaser,” she said. “He was the one that would offer me things and I would say no. He knows that. Everything that they’ve said about me, and the way they try to paint the picture, I know has been done by others.”

She also addressed criticism about her decision to file a civil lawsuit against Rose and his pals rather than pursue criminal charges.

Derrick Rose is being sued in a rape lawsuit by “Jane Doe.” (Mary Altaffer/AP)

“I’m not familiar with the law,” she said.

“I didn’t know the difference between civil and criminal and all the different concepts and language of the law. But I knew that if I came forward to the police,
adidas predators 2002 'He has to deal with' what he did
my identity would be revealed and I would have no control of the case and what was required of me.”

adidas training shorts ‘Granite State Challenge’

adidas red superstar ‘Granite State Challenge’

states border the Pacific Ocean? Which president signed the 1958 act that created NASA? They not only have to buzz in before the other team, but they could also face a point penalty for the wrong answer.

Among them this year is a group of students from Salem High School, who have been preparing for months. But, anything could happen when they begin competing in the Granite State Challenge this week or continue on in the New Hampshire Quiz Bowl League next month.

Being good at these academic and cultural quizzesisn’t something that can be taught, Salem High School teacher and quiz bowl coach Bernie W. Campbell said.

“One third of it is knowing the answer, and two thirds is having the confidence to push the button first and risk being wrong,” he said. “You have to be confident, overconfident, almost arrogant.”

Thestudents may not be feeling overconfident or arrogant heading into their first competition this weekend, after a loss officials called heartbreaking last year, but theteam comprisedmainly of seniors is eager to enjoy their final year and potentially secure the championship that has eluded them the last few years.

“It’s a really fun atmosphere.

Salem’s team was named the Granite State Challenge champions in the 1997 1998 and 2001 2002 school years, but have not made it to the finals in recent years. Since the team was revitalized in 2014, however, they have made it to the semi finals. They hope to go all of the way this year.

“We think we’re going to do well this year,” said senior Alexis Ahern, 17.

Each students has their own strengths. Tarness and sophomore Kolby Dezan, 16, are considered to be the American history experts, while seniorOba Oseghali, 18, has strengths in the sciences.

Together, this may be Salem’s dream team.

“We’re not looking for the geniuses. We’re looking for kids that are well rounded, that have a broad level of interest in not just academic subjects, but in current events and pop culture,” Adams said.

The Granite State Challenge is a also personal passion for their coach of three years. Bernie Campbellwas a member during theteam’s championshipseason in 1998, and connected with his now wife, Sara Campbell, during his time as team captain.

The Campbell household has become a bit of a quiz capital. Not only did the couple bond over the competition, but Sara Campbell now coaches the Merrimack High School team, which narrowly lost the championship match to Nashua High School South last year.

“My dream is to have them meet each other in a game,” said Susan Adams, who produces the Granite State Challenge telecast for New Hampshire Public Television. She notedthat both teams are incredibly strong coming into this season.

Bernie Campbell estimates the Salem High School team is among the top seated teams going into the first round of competitions this weekend. The competition will beshown on New Hampshire Public Television beginning Feb. 10.

ArticlesUPDATE: Many in Merrimack Valley to remain without power until late Friday night, National Grid saysUsed Apple Store owner evicted from Derry shopPolice: $70,000 worth of cocaine seized from man who took package from porch of Lawrence homeDerry mourns passing ofDon BallMan arrested in Lawrence drug investigationPolice: Man shot in neck in Lawrence during robberyResidents struggle with deplorable conditions in Lawrence buildingPolice: Loaded gun found in bed where 3 year old child sleeps in Lawrence homeUPDATE: National Grid rolls back earlier optimistic estimates on power restorationSome in Merrimack Valley may have to wait until Sunday for power
adidas training shorts 'Granite State Challenge'

adidas gazelles womens ‘Good times all around’

adidas gazelle navy ‘Good times all around’

His days of “Burnin’ Up” and Disney’s “Camp Rock” may have passed, but Nick Jonas has not left the public eye. Over the past few years, the singer and actor has continued to produce an eclectic collection of fresh content, much to the excitement of his substantial fan base. Recently, Jonas has even broken into the world of blockbuster movies, appearing as the gallant, margarita making pilot Alex in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”

The film, a sequel to the original 1995 “Jumanji,” follows four teenagers whose encounter with an old video game sucks them into the virtual world of the game itself, operating from within the bodies of their chosen avatars.

The film features stars including Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black, allowing Jonas the opportunity to act alongside some of contemporary Hollywood’s biggest names.

From the start, Jonas noted a key difference between his experience in the world of music and that of acting the social element.

“The fun of making an album is that you get to tell your own stories, go on your journey creatively and I think it’s really individual to you,” the actor mused in a roundtable interview with The Daily Californian. “With a film, you’re telling somebody else’s story and working with a group. That’s really a team effort. All hands on deck are required to make it happen.”

In fact, the collaborative nature of the process yielded some of Jonas’ fondest memories from the shoot. He spoke of his time with fellow actor Jack Black with particular affection “We would jump around on the weekends to different spots to go eat food and hang out. And he’s just the best, one of my favorite guys, and really someone I hope I get the chance to work with again.”Jonas went so far as to label the relationship a true “bromance,” and the pair graced fans with an original theme song for the movie.

At the same time, despite the intrinsically collaborative elements of acting, Jonas pointed out the influence of his personal life in his approach to embodying Alex.

In fact, Jonas refers to the deeply personal nature of music as a significant point of departure in the process of merging his own life with his character on screen. “I think it’s the best way, from the songwriting side, for me to connect the dots creatively, and it really does kind of apply on the acting side of things as well,” he stated.

While his own life has informed his role in the film, Jonas also cited the film’s role in spurring him to reflect upon himself. “In my own life, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my strengths and weaknesses would be if I had to categorize it like a video game,” stated the actor. “And I think I would say that my strength would be that I’m very present, I’m very focused. My weakness would be that I get in my own head sometimes and kind of overthink things and I think I could just learn to chill out a little bit.”One gets the sense that moviegoers concerned that this sequel may taint the original “Jumanji,” which starred the deceased and much beloved Robin Williams could also chill out. Jonas, however, offered assurance of continuing the legacy of “Jumanji” as opposed to overriding it in any way. The actor cited “Jumanji” as formative in his approach to his character.

“Everyone has a connection to it and to Robin Williams and his legacy, his brilliance. I think that’s why we really approached this with a lot of care and with a real focus on having the moment or moments to acknowledge that, but also finding a way of giving the audience something really fresh.”

Regardless of the film’s reception, however, Jonas highlighted the importance of his own development as an artist over the course of the shoot above all else. “I try not to stress about perception, you know?” stated the actor, suggesting a notable maturity despite his youth, at 25 years old. “I think for me it’s just about taking strides to grow. That’s what drives the conversation.”

All things considered, Jonas looked back on his experience as part of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” fondly: “It was a fun time, a great experience.” He grinned, adding with a chuckle, “I’ll just remember for next time to bring some more bug spray.”.
adidas gazelles womens 'Good times all around'

mens adidas samba ‘Go back to California’ painted on Prius in Portland

adidas court shoes ‘Go back to California’ painted on Prius in Portland

In the latest round of the anti California resentment that’s been a cottage industry for decades in the Pacific Northwest, a Southern California couple over the weekend got a nasty surprise when they awoke Sunday morning in their Portland home. Preston Page and Jessica Faraday found messages including “Go back to California” spray painted across their house and car.

It didn’t take long for the Californians to get an un welcoming welcome the couple had moved up in February because Page got a job in Portland with Adidas.

The graffiti may have stemmed from an earlier incident on Saturday when an impatient driver exchanged words with Page about his California plated Prius blocking the street in front of his house. And, to be sure, the vandalism went far beyond the more subtle forms of resentment experienced by Golden State refugees in the Pacific Northwest and especially The City of Roses under the breath muttering and sideways glances by old timers being priced out of their leafy city by yoga bending, cold brew swigging, hybrid driving elitist Millennials.

Still, the weekend assault was another reminder that as more newcomers arrive in Oregon and Washington not everyone’s thrilled. Animus toward its neighbor to the south has a long and rich legacy in Portland. Just ask Daniel Bullington. Last year, just 18 months after moving up from Southern California, the car salesman decided he had had enough of the bad vibes from longtime locals.

So Bullington did what any self respecting, car selling new father would do: He createda GoFundMe page, vowing to move back to the Golden State if and when he raised $3,500.

Oregon is “a beautiful state,” Bullington wrote at the time, but “Oregonians are not keen on Californians. It’s clearly apparent.”

The photo on the GoFundMe page, which was apparently taken down after Bullington’s wife complained to him about it, resembled the anti California stickers that appeared on For Sale signs around Portland in the summer of 2015. Census Bureau found, 30,500 newcomers were from California a far greater number than the 18,500 who came from Washington, the second largest group. Many native Oregonians see that, and then see the rising cost of living and lack of affordable housing in places like Portland, and the resentment is off and running.

It’s not new. As John Findlay, a history professor at the University of Washington, wrote 20 years ago in a course treatise, “I would argue that the recent anti Californian sentiments perpetuate an ugly form of bigotry that has long characterized Pacific Northwest history.” Former Californians,
mens adidas samba 'Go back to California' painted on Prius in Portland
he wrote, unfairly get a bad rap when they arrive in the region and that antipathy has been simmering for nearly 100 years.

“Perceptions of Californians as the ‘other’ during the 1920s embodied the same kind of bigotry as was expressed by whites against people of color throughout the region’s history,” Findlay wrote. “I would argue that perceptions of Californians during the 1980s and 1990s have continued the trend. Stereotypes of people assumed to be different have consistently offered a way to help define the Pacific Northwest as a region and to provide it with a sense of identity, but they have done so at considerable expense.

“Like any stereotype,” Findlay wrote, “they have grossly misunderstood and dehumanized the people they have been meant to portray.”

People, perhaps, like Preston Page and Jessica Faraday.

But the Pages and Faradays aren’t going away. In fact, some say the recent California drought and other troubling weather patterns could end up fueling a massive northern migration that will make past movements seem relatively tame.

Clifford Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, writes a weather blog and has concluded that climate change, whether its rising seas, water shortages, hurricanes or superstorms, could soon start driving huge masses of Americans from their homes and into Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

“The Northwest,” Mass wrote, “may well become a climate refuge during the upcoming century.”

And that could be just the beginning. Vancouver residents, Slade suggested, might want to think now about heading even further north to the Yukon to escape the approaching marauders from San Francisco and LA.

Forty years ago, then Oregon Gov. Tom McCall famously told refugees from the Golden State: “Visit, but don’t stay.”

This past weekend, someone with a can of spray paint delivered that same message to Page and Faraday.

It didn’t work back then for McCall, who saw the state’s population grow 25 percent during his eight years in office, and it probably won’t work now,
mens adidas samba 'Go back to California' painted on Prius in Portland

adidas trainer ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ introduces PvP mode

adidas originals beckenbauer ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ introduces PvP mode

Fans of Ubisoft’s tactical military shooter “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” have much to anticipate in an upcoming free update to the game. Over six months after the game’s initial release, Ubisoft has announced a new player versus player, or PvP, game mode in the form of the “Ghost War” downloadable content, or DLC, coming this fall. Staged as a four versus four team battle royale in a best of three format, “Ghost War” capitalizes on the strategy based gameplay that has become a hallmark of the third person shooter franchise.

“Ghost War” features a range of new PvP exclusive maps that showcase a number of unique environments, from an abandoned quarry to a jungle retreat, in the game’s beautifully reconstructed Bolivian landscape. In the upcoming standalone beta test that will run from Sept. 21 25, players even those who do not own the game will be able to access five of the eight maps featured in the DLC, as well as six of the twelve total character classes to be featured in the full version of “Ghost War.”

The most intriguing factor of the DLC’s new gameplay is indeed the twelve unique playable character classes spread across the Assault, Marksman and Support categories. Notably, the Assault category will showcase a Tank class that makes use of the game’s new suppressing fire mechanic, as well as a Pointman class consisting of a heavy gunner. The Marksman category also features strategic gunplay in the form of the Enforcer, while the category’s Sniper class remains a traditional sharpshooter build. The Support category, on the other hand, will allow players to mark enemy targets through the Scout class or call mortar strikes as the Artillery class.

The introduction of a robust class system in “Ghost War” plays to the base game’s tactical team play mannerisms, as “Ghost Recon Wildlands” was originally developed with a four player co op experience in mind. Navigating the rather tight cornered maps featured in the PvP mode is nearly impossible without a specific team strategy placing a Sniper at a height above the base of the map to take out enemies long range and recruiting a Scout to establish the locations of targets is just as important, if not more so, than sending in a Tank or Pointman to do the heavy lifting.

The battle royale gameplay of “Ghost War” certainly appears to be Ubisoft’s response to “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” the massive online last man standing shooter that, despite still being in early access release on Steam, has managed to dominate the PC platform for the majority of 2017. Like “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Ghost War” focuses on strategy and stealth gameplay over mundane shooting, in order to bring a new element of anticipation to the game. Yet whereas the sprawling maps of “Battlegrounds” allow for baiting targets and camping in wait, the significantly smaller maps of “Ghost War” place players in close proximity to one another, forcing them to run, hide or shoot at a faster pace.

Consistent with the camera mechanisms of “Ghost Recon Wildlands,” the DLC allows for third person movement with first person gunplay that emphasizes tactical shooting, while “Battlegrounds” remains strictly third person or first person alone, depending on the player’s choice. The team reviving abilities in “Ghost War” also force players to strategize guarding fallen enemies to prevent them from being revived, as well as using stealth to revive their own injured teammates, all while avoiding detection by enemy drones in the process. These additional strategies that the player is forced to account for in “Ghost War” add interesting details to the otherwise traditional PvP mode of the tactical shooter.

The four versus four nature of “Ghost War” certainly gives the DLC a fast paced and close combat feel that plays well off of the strategy based shooting that dominates the base game, adding a competitive edge to the original co op system of the main campaign. As additional maps and classes are added beyond the scope of the open beta test, players can certainly expect a challenging but fun PvP mode to supplement the base game.
adidas trainer 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' introduces PvP mode

red adidas Lorry driver damages 2000

adidas originals nizza lo Lorry driver damages 2000

Arrested: Mr Flores will now face criminal charges for ignoring the warning signs

This sublayer contains high amounts of lime which has down the years hardened to form a protective layer that shields the lines from winds and prevents erosion.

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‘Girls must be saved from going through this hell’: Call. SAS ‘kidnap’ Meghan Markle and fire live rounds to. Graduate, 29, sues university for 60,000 over her. ‘It’s a terrier attack!’ Crufts security scare as. Will the free falling 8.5 ton Chinese space station crash. Putin shows world how he could start World War Three with. Fox News host Jesse Watters is in a divorce fight after. ‘What the f is that thing?’ Shocking moment Navy pilot. Brazilians take to the saddle NAKED in nude cycle ride to. Harry Potter and the mystery of the Thai massage parlour:. Outrageous moment Kansas high school basketball player. School run parent REFUSES to move their Mercedes at. Put your feet up! Bus crash victim who had his foot. Woman, 20, who ripped out her eyes while high on meth has. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Exercise helps me maintain my sanity!’ Lara. Mother of two, 31, sues after losing nearly all her limbs. Meet the glamorous American cult leader nicknamed the. Daycare owner, 32, gets 21 years in prison for drugging. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
red adidas Lorry driver damages 2000

star wars adidas Lorraine in Spain

adidas adicross Lorraine in Spain

I hate when people just stop posting and never tell you why they stopped. In my case, I just haven’t felt terribly inspired lately, and I’m also unhappy with my blog service. So I am in the process of reconfiguring a new blog, how I blog, what I blog about, and who I want my audience to be. You, obviously, whoever is still checking this, are very much invited to be a part of that audience, but I am hoping that I will be looking to new inspirations and new ideas to write about. I noticed at some point my writing became egotistically mopey and lost the sense of world adventure, curiosity, and wonder I had originally begun blogging to express.

So, if you are a faithful reader, please bear with me as I reinterpret, as is occurring in my whole life, haha, what it is exactly I’m doing here, and when I’ve got something new up, you’ll know.

There were many parts of this journey I sacrificed for the sake of time, practicality, distance. I didn’t see the twin spires, I didn’t stay for hunter under saddle. I didn’t go to any of the Civil War Sites that I said I would. But by golly, it didn’t matter if it was 10 or 100 miles out of the way, this morning, I decided no matter what, I was coming to the Grand Canyon. Not only is it the end of a long journey, it is the period at the end of a long chapter in my life. It’s a time when certain independences that I’ve taken for granted will have to be sacrificed for a time. It’s the beginning of the unknown course I will have to travel to get to the meat of my matter.

The sun casts long shadows down the canyon from its early eastern seat. There are caverns miles deep where the sun has not yet agreed to show its face, leaving the walls cold and wanting, while the rest of the canyon soaks in all its glory.

At first I thought that I would be annoyed to share my canyon rim with all the other tourists, but I was blessed to share my first canyon rim with a Buddhist monk and his family. The spirit and peace it invoked led me away from my isolation and reclusion to camaraderie and shared astonishment and glee. We all agreed, it was so much deeper, so much broader, so much more incredible than any of us ever thought that it was. You were relieved to know you weren’t the only one who had taken this natural western wonder for granted.

This country is so much better than any of us give it credit for. We call it southern hospitality, wild west charm, beach bum laid back friendliness, but really, humans are what we after hundreds of years refuse to give ourselves credit for. We really are good people. We’ve manufactured these tall tales of original sin and inherent evil, separating ourselves from the divine goodness, the peaceful natural world, the cosmic order. 9 out of 10 people believe humans will never stop waging war on each other, because it’s in our nature. It’s all false. People in every town, every big city, every circumstance, have been friendly, kind, and willing. I have seen people literally all across the country stop and do little things for each other, chat with a stranger, extend prayers and blessings to lonely travelers. I have worked in the halls of congress, served in student government, competed at top levels and worked for powerful men. And I can tell you that to find the best America has to offer, you don’t have to go more than 10 miles off the 40 in any given state. Stop trying to talk yourself into a den of evil we are in fact deeper, broader, so much more incredible than any of us ever thought we were. And I have faith that someday, I will be capable of giving myself the same credit.

Quote of the Day:

“does this canyon make me look fat?”

I have to admit, I haven’t felt like writing since I left Virginia. Even though there have been moments of beauty, euphoria, realization, maturity and peace, I have been equally if not moreso wracked and listless in my journey. Even as every day I came to discover and love something new about the glorious earth I ubiquitously call home at this point, I felt I had made a mistake.

Last night I finally pulled into Albuquerque, just completely abandoned of any ideal I had for myself, my future, my potential. Even the littlest plans that I had made for myself, whether it was where to spend the night to what to be when I grow up seemed to be wrong wrong wrong. I didn’t want to cry or sob or pray to the heavens why I couldn’t just have what I thought I wanted, instead I just felt void of the motivation to feel at all. The feeling persisted through to the morning. But I tried to fend off my indifference with little things I made myself coffee in the room, I sat in the hot tub for a half an hour, I ate a warm muffin in the sunlight in Old Town Albuquerque. Being alone with my thoughts in the warm sunshine was slowly starting to do wonders.

My family uniformly has a deep connection to a Navajo southwest artist named Sheldon Harvey. Sheldon, in addition to being a rising star of southwest painting and sculpture, is also a shaman of the Navajo Nation. Many of his pieces are ceremonial in nature, others merely expressions of his whole self. I had made a point of tracking down the gallery that carried his work in Old Town,
star wars adidas Lorraine in Spain
and made my way in. I was struck by a number of his pieces before finally emotionally settling in in front of a piece called “restless rider”. The piece may just as well have been painted about me. It took ahold of me in a way that very few pieces ever have. Edward Hopper has a piece that has done this to me, Salvador Dali, and Mark Rothko. But this actually went beyond that.

It took several hours of walking in a semidaze, being so quieted and peaceful on the inside for the first time in YEARS, I felt like I could finally hear what was going on in my own head. Like having a snowy television set on your whole life and then getting a blu ray. My HEAD was quiet, for the first time in a very very long time. Moreover, this angst I’d had about being west again completely evaporated. The red rock, the plateaus, the sage brush, everything just fell into place again. Everywhere is home. You are home.

“Let the sun take care of the rest. Find your way in all of this.” Sheldon Harvey

These words were interspersed through my painting, and I wrote them down, knowing that it would be the only part of the painting I could afford to take with me. Driving several hours later, I pulled the note from my purse and placed it on my dashboard. I placed my hand on the words, and the same feeling moved up my arm and into my whole body, completely calming me down again. I don’t always know what to make of the powers that be, but I can tell you this is a power that is. And that power may be the thing that changes the whole rest of my life.

I wrote this up in a flurry to enter in a contest to win an expenses paid trip to the World Equestrian Games next year. I’m going no matter what (I already have my tickets for the Freestyle Dressage and Three Day Eventing, yay!) but if someone else was going to pay for my hotel and flight, well gee willikers!

They asked for a 150 word or less essay on your relationship with your horse, and I went back and forth first of all on who to write on. Ralphy and I have the most illustrious career, having competed at Nationals Together, and Jurnisa was positively heroic when she stepped in last minute as an older mare to be my State Championships horse when Starr was injured. Any of the mustangs or burros seemed like a great idea just because of how desperate I am to promote what wonderful animals they are.

But in the end, I couldn’t help but go back to the horse who genuinely made me the person I am today. She was the one I rode every day, or would just go sleep on bareback in the sunshine. She’s the one who gave me my “sea legs” and unshakable confidence in the saddle. She’s the one who dumped me when we tried to carry an American flag, walked backwards in fear for the first two blocks of the Fountain Green Lamb Days Parade, and sat her chubby black ass on the ground when my younger cousin rode her, refusing to pony a novice even one more step. She’s the one who used to dunk her head in the trough up to her ears, and chase my mom around the fairgrounds for Paydays, much to the amusement of all my horse friends. She’s the one who HATED having her ears touched, loved having her tummy itched, and ” made a man” out of more of our geldings than any of us care to remember. She’s the one I have in the back of my head when I imagine going to Heaven the very first thing I would want to see.

And, as I mention in the essay but don’t have the chance to elaborate on, this silent animal who mostly slept and ate and obeyed, is my conscience. She is quiet soul who I go back to, that reminds me of me on the inside, and makes decisions in silence. It wasn’t that her soul was entirely clean in fact she had a lovely streak of wicked but that her character was so enthralling, her expressions so earnest, and antics so hilarious, you just got sucked into the unconditional love game, and after that there was nothing I wuoldn’t do for the sake of a horse.

holy cow, I’ve already written a novel on my childhood horse, and haven’t even pasted in the essay yet. If you’re still reading, here it is:

“I often say of my childhood, “I had more chores than friends, but I was happy.” Growing up on a working horse ranch in rural Utah, The only friend I needed was Poco’s Brass. A swarthy bay mare, Poco’s companionship was my constant motivation to be a better horsewoman.

Every horse lover has that “first horse” story, but she was more than the first. She was my friend, my teacher, and remains my conscience. I have a few memories of winning ribbons and trophies with her at the local 4H meets, but none of them captures her in my mind like the memory of her falling asleep with her heavy black head in my arms late one night after a long horse show. It was a moment of perfected companionship, ritual, and trust.

I enjoyed every ride with Poco, but I enjoyed the friendship so much more.”

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1. Today, even though I hate my job, I am leaving my job, I don’t give a damn about my job I did my job incredibly well. I gave the Lorraine the registrar, Lorraine the editor in chief, Lorraine the Foreign Affairs Intern, Lorraine the aspiring equestrian effort that I give to things I care about. I worked HARD, and I mean, skipped lunch, sweat into my work kind of hard. I was given an absolutely ridiculous task at 11:30 today, and I finished it at 10pm tonight. I stayed until it was done, because that was how my Dad taught me to work. I remember us driving up the road to the ranch on the weekends and Dad would drive past a tractor stopped in the middle of the field in mid plow and he would say “why would you ever stop in the middle of a field? Why wouldn’t you finish the row? Why wouldn’t you finish the field? These guys look their watch and say ‘ayep, it’s 5 o’clock, gotta gets me up to Birch Creek Bar.’ That’s why these guys are never going to do any better than break even.”
star wars adidas Lorraine in Spain

adidas dragon blue Loretta Smith try to mend fences

mens adidas la trainers Loretta Smith try to mend fences

County Chair and Commissioner meet privately following Kafoury’s public use of the ‘b word’

In an unprecedented effort to ease hostilities between Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury and Commissioner Loretta Smith, the two elected officials met over the weekend for nearly two hours to try and smooth out their differences.

The meeting addressed long building tensions that erupted publicly at the end of a Dec. 21 public meeting of the county board with Kafoury whispering an epithet at Smith, sparking subsequent calls for the chair resignation.

On Sunday, the two elected officials spoke for nearly two hours at a caf in North Portland. The next day, on Monday, Kafoury issued a statement calling the discussion with Smith “really positive,” adding, “I was able to apologize to her in person and ask her to join me in moving forward. I spent a lot of time since Dec. 21 reflecting on my remark and its impact. . I want to thank Commissioner Smith for her openness.”

Smith, for her part, could not be reached to comment on the meeting on Monday, but in a prepared statement she suggested more work was needed, saying that she still hoped the two could have a “mediated conversation” to continue their “work towards a more professional and productive relationship.”

Staff for the two officials had traded messages discussing the idea before the Dec. 21 meeting, but it never came to pass.

Public clash

At the Dec. 21 meeting, Smith was hammering on a theme she raised on multiple occasions this year raising concerns about top down “institutional racism” that she indicated was coming from Kafoury office the chair talked over Smith, saying “you’re done,” gaveled the meeting to a close and whispered what sounded like “you a b before walking out of the room. A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

Following the meeting, Smith sent out a press release calling the epithet racially charged. She told the Portland Tribune that nothing she’d said in the meeting “justifies her calling me the b word,” adding that if disagreement justifies that reaction, “then we’re going to be calling each other the b word every week.”

Kafoury then kicked off last week board meeting by apologizing publicly, calling her own behavior “unprofessional and disrespectful” and calling on Smith to join her in agreeing to disagree “without mudslinging or name calling.” She said she also had phoned Smith shortly after swearing at her, to apologize.

Smith was home sick for the Jan. 4 meeting. But Kafoury public apology drew mixed reviews from about two dozen people, including employees and allies of Smith, who testified to express their disapproval of the incident, several calling for the chair resignation.

The disagreement and efforts to smooth it over has political implications for 2018.

The tensions came even as scrutiny has been escalating of Smith, with some campaign finance reform activists calling for the commissioner resignation. A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

That because Smith launched her campaign for a seat on the Portland City Council last fall despite a county charter provision that prohibits running for another office in the middle of a county commissioner term. Smith, for her part, says the county told her actions were lawful as long as she didn file before January of this year.

In recent weeks, Kafoury and three other members of the county board publicly expressed a desire to consider a new rule that would clarify the county charter and what constitutes prohibited mid term campaigning. Such a discussion could be uncomfortable for Smith, raising further questions about her campaign.

Testimony blasts Kafoury

The testimony at Thursday board meeting, however, moved the spotlight to Kafoury.

Kenneth Doswell called the chair use of the b word “as insulting as it was racist,” adding that it “demonstrates you not fit to serve either as chair or as a member of this commission . you should tender your resignation.” A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

Another person who testified, Chuck Crockett, said her apology was not genuine, and he had decided to run against Kafoury in her bid for reelection, saying “that is how deep you have cut our community.”

Others who testified, including former Senator Margaret Carter and Pastor Matt Hennessee, expressed disappointment but said they accepted Kafoury apology.

Alicia Byrd, an African American county library employee, testified that Kafoury actions undermined trust in initiatives launched recently by county officials to tackle workforce equity and to improve the handling of bias complaints at the county.

Byrd said the chair treatment of Smith mirrored her experience as an employee.

“As a black person, you are expected to go along. When you express a divergent view, you are ignored you are ridiculed and you are dismissed . and that is not acceptable,” she said. A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

In a statement Monday, Smith said that although a text circulated in the community before the meeting saying she was requesting people come to the meeting in support of her, she didn’t write it.

“Members of the community turned out because they were outraged by the treatment they witnessed of an African American woman leader,” she said, adding that “Indeed I specifically directed my staff NOT to testify.”

Hope for closer ties

The issue under discussion at the Dec. 21 meeting had been Kafoury decision to name the county chief operating officer, Marissa Madrigal, as her alternate should the chair be incapacitated.

Smith had questioned whether putting a civil servant in that position created a conflict of interest, while portraying the chair office as driving discrimination. A D V E R T I S I N G Continue reading below

Even before that meeting was gaveled to a close, relations between Smith and Kafoury had frayed significantly last year after Kafoury hired an outside consultant to review complaints made by Smith staff that the commissioner had been abusive to them, including inappropriate language. Smith calls the investigaton “politically and personally motivated.”
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adidas gazelle men Lord Kilclooney blasted for calling Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar ‘the Indian’

adidas tennis Lord Kilclooney blasted for calling Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar ‘the Indian’

Lord Kilclooney blasted for calling Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar ‘the Indian’The Ulster unionist Peer denied being racist, but later withdrew the comment because it had “caused upset and misunderstanding”11:54, 24 NOV 2017(Image: Getty Images Europe) Get politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAn Ulster unionist Peer has been blasted for referring to Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar as ‘the Indian’.The comment, made in a tweet last night, was branded racist by many.Lord John Kilclooney denied being racist, but later withdrew the comment because it had “caused upset and misunderstanding”.He blamed his choice of words on Twitters character limit and being unable to spell Varadkar’s name.Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wears red ‘shamrock poppy’ in parliament to honour island’s war deadLord Kilclooney’s original tweet was 116 characters long, well within Twitter’s new 240 character limit. Furthermore, the words “the indian” are 10 characters long two more than Mr Varadkar’s name.The words “the PM” are just six characters long.Lord Kilclooney claimed to be confused about how to spell Mr Varadkar’s name, and wasn’t sure if it was spelled “Veradkar”.But prior to his controversial tweet, he had tweeted the correct spelling of the Irish PM’s name on at least eight occasions, including in a tweet posted just four hours earlier. He had never used the incorrect spelling.Mr Varadkar was born in the Republic of Ireland and is of Indian heritage.The original tweet referred to Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, who he said was “stirring things up. Very dangerous non statesman like role! Clearly hoping to undermine the Indian.”Lord Kilclooney is a former Ulster Unionist Party MP, but left the party to sit in the House of Lords as a crossbench peer.Gun crimeHeartbreaking hospital picture of eight month old baby shot in the leg and arm with 30 pelletsBaby John Doyle was hit with a hail of pellets as his family put up a Christmas tree at their home in Dublin
adidas gazelle men Lord Kilclooney blasted for calling Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar 'the Indian'

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What manner of madness is this? Downton Abbey fashions, reinvented by (whisper it, ladies) the High Street?

Oh shiver me lawks and put an extra pennyworth o’ bobbin on the liberty corset, or whatever it is the mistress of the wardrobe doth do with her ladyship’s flannelette unspeakables and afternoon tea gowns.

Downton Abbey fashions for all? You mean that even shopgirls and the second maid of the coalscuttle can now afford to wear the kind of elegant velvets and fur shrugs that were once enjoyed only by the proper ladies of the aristocracy?

This season, sales of Downton period perfect accessories such as silk gloves, empire line velvet dresses and demure strings of pearls have surged.

The popularity of the drama series and the beauty of the costumes worn by the female cast has manifested itself in a demand for the discreet charms of the Edwardian style fashions of the day.

No, not the mob caps and frilled

pinnies of the downstairs crew. No one wants to head out on a Saturday

night looking like Mrs Patmore the cook unless you happen to be

Christopher Biggins or perhaps even a slumming it Russell Grant.

drawing a line, too, through Violet’s gigantic lambskin hats, the

approximate size and shape of a dishwasher. If you wore one of those

walking down the street, children would just assume you were SpongeBob

Squarepants’s mum.

Whatever the occasion, theirs is a timeless elegance, one that speaks of an age when overtly sexy was unacceptable and anything emotive was unspoken and unseen.

Let’s put it this way. The word JUICY on the back of your tracky bums would definitely be frowned upon. At Downton Abbey, it is the whisper of a lace ruffle or the tiniest glimpse of ankle that provides the erotic charge.

As you can see, the charms of this decorous style have been reinterpreted today by designers using the same graceful long lines and rich yet muted colours. Here, there is lots of deep burgundy, such as in the dress by Coast and the coat by Wallis, offset by the gleam of pearls or a neat little cloche hat.

There are also ankle skimming pleats, the repression of deep cuffs, prim button backed blouses and a hint of skin behind layers of pale chiffon. Hairbands are modest, handbags are tiny. Remember, the ladies of Downton Abbey had no independence and nothing important to carry around. Excluding the soft toy that Lady Mary gave to Matthew to keep him safe in the Somme, of course!

The Great War changed everything at Downton Abbey, although this has yet to dawn on the inhabitants. Violet, for example, is an arch snob, desperate to ensure that the Crawley family keep their grappling hooks sunk deep into the summit of the social order and remain kingpins of the ruling classes.
adidas wings Lord Grantham's girls bring Edwardian elegance back